Lionel, nicknames?

My partner has shown interest in the name [name_u]Lionel[/name_u]. Which I adore as well. However, my FIL is named [name_u]Lyle[/name_u].
I’m not worried about the similarity, but I’m curious as to potential nn?

There is [name_m]Leo[/name_m] or [name_m]Leon[/name_m]… Any other ideas?
I do like [name_m]Linus[/name_m] as a first name as well. But I dont think my partner is into it as much.

What do you think of [name_u]Lionel[/name_u] as the grandson to [name_u]Lyle[/name_u]?

[name_u]Lionel[/name_u] is interesting. I like the sharpness and flow. Would you mind if people thought it was an honour name for [name_u]Lyle[/name_u], as family might well do?

Some nn:

Oh I like [name_u]Lonnie[/name_u]!

And no, I dont mind if they think it’s an honour name.

[name_m]Leo[/name_m] and [name_m]Leon[/name_m] are lovely. [name_u]Lonnie[/name_u] is very cute too.
[name_m]Lenny[/name_m] works also.
[name_f]Onnie[/name_f] or [name_m]Len[/name_m] too.

Oh [name_m]Lenny[/name_m] is good too! I’ve always liked [name_m]Leonard[/name_m] (nn [name_m]Lenny[/name_m])… never thought about it for [name_u]Lionel[/name_u]. :slight_smile: