Louise as derivative of Allison? or vice versa?

So I’m thinking of ways to honor an [name]Allison[/name], and in my library’s baby name book from the 70s it says that [name]Allison[/name] is a derivative of [name]Louise[/name]/[name]Louisa[/name]. NB says [name]Allison[/name] is derived from [name]Alice[/name], and makes no mention of the [name]Louise[/name] connection. Does anyone else know of this relationship? I love the name [name]Louise[/name] but am not fond of the meaning, and this connection would give me a reason to use it!


In my numerous years of reading about baby names, [name]Allison[/name] has always been a variation of [name]Alice[/name]. I’ve never heard of [name]Louise[/name] being a derivative of [name]Allison[/name]. They even have different meanings. [name]Alice[/name] means “noble, of the nobility” and [name]Louise[/name] is “famous warrior”. [name]Alice[/name] is from the same origin as [name]Adelaide[/name] so either name or its variations can be used to honour an [name]Allison[/name].

Oh I don’t doubt that [name]Allison[/name] is indeed a derivative of [name]Alice[/name]. I’m really just trying to verify the book’s entry that [name]Allison[/name], being an English variation of the Irish Gaelic [name]Allsun[/name], is a Gaelic form of [name]Alice[/name] and [name]Louise[/name].


(You may have figured out that not only am I trying to honor an [name]Allison[/name], I’m also trying to justify [name]Louise[/name]! :wink: )

Everything I have seen says that [name]Alison[/name] is an old French pet form of [name]Alice[/name]. [name]Alice[/name] in turn being a form of Aalis ultimately a French pet name for the [name]German[/name] name [name]Adelaide[/name].
[name]Louise[/name] is the feminine form of [name]Louis[/name], which is the French and English form of [name]Ludwig[/name].


The only connection I can find similar to what you are talking about are the names [name]Ailis[/name] (Irish form of [name]Alice[/name] - AY-leesh) and Alaois (Irish male form of [name]Louis[/name] - [name]AL[/name]-eesh) which are pronounced and spelled basically the same…but that is probably just a coincidence.