Love Charlie, Hate Charles

I adore the name [name]Charlie[/name] but really hate [name]Charles[/name] or other more formal options like [name]Charlton[/name], etc. What are your thoughts on only putting [name]Charlie[/name] down on a birth certificate?

It’s cute while he’s young, but when he’s older, he may want a more professional name to fall back on.

Very feminine!

I think the full name [name]Charles[/name] is very handsome. [name]Charlie[/name] is playful, a great nn.

I think [name]Charles[/name] is lovely, though I know what you mean about [name]Charlie[/name]. I named my dog [name]Charlie[/name], I like it so much. But why not just give him the classic, charming [name]Charles[/name] and just call him [name]Charlie[/name] from birth? I sort of think of [name]Charles[/name] as being in an old classic black and white film. It’s a solid name.