Love Zuzu, don't love Susan names...

We are in love with the name [name]Zuzu[/name]. We met a [name]Zuzu[/name] (short for [name]Zara[/name]) and she was just the most amazing lady! So we’re thinking of [name]Zuzu[/name] as a nickname, but can’t figure out a name for a baby girl. We do not like the [name]Susan[/name]/ne family of names… [name]Zara[/name] is not for us. Azuki is a little exotic.

Any suggestions?


All of the above are Polish forms of [name]Susan[/name]. Not sure if you included them in your [name]Susan[/name] family.
There are also:

These are Basque names meaning “one who is correct”!

[name]How[/name] about Azuzah/Azuza, [name]Azuba[/name] [name]Azure[/name], or Azusena?


I would think anything with a Z would do so I’m suggesting the adorable and spirited [name]Zoe[/name]!

It’s kind of an undertaking: the search function doesn’t help when you want a string of letters in the middle, like ZU. Names that start with ZU are easier to find, but I started with AZ (even without the U) to find names with a prominent Z or ZU sound, without necessarily resorting to a name that starts with ZU to really get a [name]Zuzu[/name] out of it.

Like [name]Azure[/name]. I didn’t get very far. It can take a while to really think of combos. MAZ didn’t turn up much and neither did LAZ. EZ turned up a few - not really for girls. I would keep playing around with it. Typing in the searches takes time, but the lists are short. You will know if you found something or move on. Keep track of the nice ones as you go.

I think I was thinking there was a name - Azuza, but it was [name]Aziza[/name]. Says it means “precious” in Hebrew. If you like that, it would work as I think anything with prominent Z or begins with Z would work ok.

[name]Azure[/name] was the only one I could think of but it has already been suggested. [name]Azura[/name], Azzurah?

Thank you for the Zu names, but they all seem either too exotic, or too clunky. I’m now leaning toward something like [name]Marisol[/name] or something like that ([name]Maisie[/name])? Like an [name]Isabelle[/name] (but I don’t care for that either).

I knew a really cute [name]Zora[/name], nn Zozo.