Luca Charles is finally here!

[name]Luca[/name] [name]Charles[/name] finally made his appearance early [name]Monday[/name] morning! We were able to honor both my father-in-law (his middle name) and my grandfather (his initials). So far only one person has assumed he was a girl, even with the middle name [name]Charles[/name], go figure!. But everyone else seems to love the name, including us. It suits him to a T!

Awww, such a sweet name. Congrats!

Awesome, Congratulations Olivegreen!

[name]Luca[/name] [name]Charles[/name] is a fantastic name, welcome baby [name]Luca[/name]!

Oh YAY, [name]Olive[/name], I’m so happy for you. I love [name]Luca[/name]-- so handsome, it’s wonderful!

Congrats, Olivegreen! [name]Welcome[/name] to the world little [name]Luca[/name] [name]Charles[/name] and love your name!

Congratulations!!! You picked a great name!

He was pretty late, right? [name]How[/name] far past your due date were you?

Congrads and welcome [name]Luca[/name]!!

[name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] [name]LOVE[/name] IT!!! [name]Both[/name] those are on my list as firsts! In combo they’re extraordinary!


Oh i love the name [name]Luca[/name] its so cute! Congrats! Good luck!

I [name]Love[/name] the [name]Priscilla[/name] becuz my mother told me stories about a little girl named [name]Priscilla[/name] [of course]She waz a [name]LITTLE[/name] good Girl!!! And that iz why I named her [name]Priscilla[/name]

Sorry [name]Lyndsay[/name], just saw your post! Yes, he was 11 days late (and pretty big, 8.5 pounds and 22 inches long). But worth the wait :slight_smile: