Maca Root to help fertility?

I have been reading up on Maca root lately and have read great things about it helping with fertility. I am hoping some of you ladies had some insight on it. we have been trying to get pregnant going on 20 months now. We learned my husband has a low sperm count his hormones, testosterone etc is all very normal we just dont have many “swimmers” competing in the race. We started taking maca root about 3 weeks ago and (this is tmi) my husbands libido is out the roof. Not that we had an issue with that before but its even higher now! I’m guessing its doing something in that area of his life Lol. The reviews online say it helps balance hormones (esp for us woman) and has been known to increase libido in both men and woman and is generally a very natural healthy herb to be taking. They say it helps improve the quality of sperm and eggs as well. We are obviously hoping for some good strong swimmers in the next couple months. Does anyone know anything or have personal experiences with it?

*please excuse my sloppyness of this post, I’m on my phone and my keyboard is messed up, I tried to fix the errors I saw hehe.

I was using it in the months leading up to my positive pg test. Not sure if it was what helped as I was also on soya isoflavones and progesterone (I think the last one was what really helped) as well. I’m sure it didn’t hurt.

Thank you malk =) I’m so suprised that I didnt get more responses on this. But it’s awesome to hear a good result may have come out of it!

I could write a long response, but it’s late and I’m tired. I have a lot of experience with maca root, both personally and professionally. In the right form and the correct dosage, it is an amazing hormonal adaptogen. It balances the endocrine system and can regulate ovulation and menstruation. It’s a celebrated libido booster. My experience is that it takes about 90 days to regulate the menstrual cycle. My favorite form of it is the patented name called Femmenessence. I am sure it’s available online. I find it to be a more useful and safer alternative to vitex. Maca is not a hormone, but it supports hormone production and regulation.

I can’t really add much on the fertility front, but I was taking it to help with libido. The mini pill was killing me hormonally, but when libido didn’t straighten itself out after a couple of months of going off the pill, I started doing maca powder in tea. Either the maca worked incredibly quickly, or my hormones magically straightened themselves out a week after I started taking it. Maybe it helped with fertility, too, because I was pregnant with DD within a couple of months, but I always attributed that to the massive amounts of… libido :wink:

Have to say it did nothing for my libido, still remained pretty low.

Thanks ladies! I appreciate the info! I am also curious if it helps sperm count? I have felt my hormones balance out for sure! I broke out this first month which to me indicates something hormonal there lol. My libido has increased as well. but I hope it helps more in that area with time lol.