Mae names

I really seem to love a lot of “mae” names, particularly [name_f]Mabel[/name_f] and [name_f]Maisie[/name_f] (rhymes with [name_f]Daisy[/name_f]). I love the nick name [name_f]Mae[/name_f], and just love how sweet and feminine the name sounds. Plus I feel as if it would match DS’s name, [name_m]Archer[/name_m] “[name_m]Archie[/name_m]”. However, my SO doesn’t like [name_f]Mabel[/name_f] at all and is 50/50 on [name_f]Maisie[/name_f].

Could I have suggestions for other names that contain the name “mae” in it? [name_m]Even[/name_m] if [name_f]Mae[/name_f] isn’t the first syllable, just anywhere in the name having [name_f]Mae[/name_f]. SO isn’t into two first names like [name_f]Emma[/name_f]-[name_f]Mae[/name_f], he says it feels too “southern belle”.

Thank you!


I actually love the name [name_f]Mae[/name_f] as a full name. It’s simple and sweet.

I think [name_f]Mae[/name_f] / [name_f]May[/name_f] works lovely as a stand alone name too. It’s so often regulated as a filler middle name that it’d be a nice surprise.

Maella – mah-el-luh
[name_f]Mayella[/name_f] – may-el-uh
[name_f]Marguerite[/name_f] – love this
[name_f]Madeleine[/name_f] / [name_f]Madeline[/name_f] – typically “[name_f]Maddie[/name_f]” but [name_f]Mae[/name_f] works just as well.

Honestly, I think just about any name that starts with “ma” could have [name_f]Mae[/name_f] as a nickname.

I like [name_f]Mae[/name_f] as a full name too.

I also like [name_f]Maybelle[/name_f], which I say differently than [name_f]Mabel[/name_f]. ([name_f]Mabel[/name_f] being more like [name_f]MAB[/name_f]-'ll and [name_f]Maybelle[/name_f] being like may-[name_f]BELLE[/name_f])

I like [name_f]Maple[/name_f], which has a similar rhythm to [name_f]Mabel[/name_f] but a more natural image.

Maïwenn/Maiwen/Maewen are rather sweet. [name_f]Maeve[/name_f] is probably simpler though.

I adore Esmé and don’t mind [name_f]Ismay[/name_f].

I love [name_f]Mae[/name_f] as a stand alone name. It is short, sweet, and beautiful. I agree that [name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Mae[/name_f] sound nice as a sibling set. If you want a longer name and [name_f]Mae[/name_f] as a nickname, I like the suggestions of [name_f]Maple[/name_f] and [name_f]Madeleine[/name_f]. I think I could only use [name_f]Maple[/name_f] as a middle name though.

[name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Ada[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f]
[name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Willa[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f]
[name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Alice[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f]
[name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Elsa[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f]
[name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Ella[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f]

[name_f]My[/name_f] favorites of those would be [name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Willa[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f] and [name_m]Archer[/name_m] and [name_f]Ella[/name_f] [name_f]Maple[/name_f].

Thanks for all the input, ladies! :slight_smile:

I do like [name_f]Mae[/name_f] in itself, but I guess I tend to prefer longer names :slight_smile: I think [name_f]Maeve[/name_f] is gorgeous! If I used [name_f]Maeve[/name_f] I’d probably not use the nick name [name_f]Mae[/name_f] being [name_f]Maeve[/name_f] is only one syllable… but its absolutely beautiful <3 <3 I also like Maeva, but I’m not sure if its closeness to Ava would make it confusing to anyone. Am I overthinking that?

Maple is pretty! I actually have suggested it to SO in the past and he said no :frowning: I’ve never heard of Maelys or Maylie, but they are really beautiful. I’ll have to ask! I like Esme and Mayella a lot as well.

As many beautiful options as there are above, I prefer the nick name to be more obvious. Like I love Madeleine, but Mae just doesn’t seem to fit IMO. I also dont care for the source of the nick name to be a middle name. I think Ada Maple is really, really beautiful… but then I’d only call her by Ada or maybe Addie.

Again, thanks so much! Hopefully SO will love some of these too :slight_smile:

[name_f]Maelys[/name_f] and [name_f]Maelie[/name_f] are [name_m]French[/name_m] names, popular in [name_f]France[/name_f] and [name_f]Canada[/name_f] :slight_smile:

You could use [name_f]Margaret[/name_f] or [name_f]Mirabelle[/name_f] nn [name_f]Mae[/name_f].

But I love [name_f]Mae[/name_f] on its own too. I love [name_f]Mabel[/name_f] but it’s kind of missing something. There’s always [name_f]Maybelle[/name_f]?

I love [name_f]Maeva[/name_f] nn [name_f]Mae[/name_f]. I don’t think it would be mistaken for [name_f]Ava[/name_f] at all, people would probably just think it was a pretty alternative. Plus [name_f]Maeve[/name_f] is growing in popularity, so it’s more likely they’d see it as a variant of that.

I don’t mind [name_f]Maybelle[/name_f], but its almost the same name according to SO. I’m going to have to snoop all about Maylie or [name_f]Maelys[/name_f], they are unique and pretty! I’ll have to see how he feels about [name_f]Maeva[/name_f] too, the more I think of it the more I do like it… though Maylie is my fave so far. Thanks!

You’re welcome! :slight_smile: