Maewyn for a girl

Anyone met a girl named Maewyn?
Any opinions about it?
It was originally a boys name but I love it for a girl.
Have not found it on any name sights yet except one where it is listed without any information

It would make a pretty girl’s name. It was the original first name of [name]St[/name]. [name]Patrick[/name].

I would not think it was a boy’s name at all. The [name]Mae[/name] part, I think, is what makes it a girl’s name.

I have never heard of this name before but it sounds lovely… pretty vowel sounds, mae… and then the www sound. Would love to hear more history of the name!

I love this name. It is very feminine. I never expected it to be a male name at all!

I’m considering Ayowen (a variation of [name]Eowyn[/name]), and I thing Maewyn is just fluid and lovely.

Thanks for your input. According to a Welsh friend mae means THE in Welsh and wyn means blessed, beautiful, or anointed.
Pretty lovely meaning too I thought if you take it from the Welsh.

I like it and I like the nn [name]Mae[/name]. Go for it!

one big cocern though
is it too tacky if moms name is a month to have a maewyn in the family?

I’m with the others that this sounds lovely–and what a great meaning too! I don’t think I would worry about a mom named [name]April[/name] especially with [name]Mae[/name] spelled this way.