Maia: "my-uh" or "may-uh"

Hello! So [name]Maia[/name] has rose up the ranks on our list (though I will fight for [name]Mira[/name] until that birth certificate is signed!) But just to be diplomatic, I know we both can agree to [name]Maia[/name]. BUT we are pronouncing it as “my-uh”. Does everyone agree with that? Or do you think the average non-obsessed babynamer will say its “may-uh”?


(Current list is: [name]Mira[/name], [name]Maia[/name], [name]Cassia[/name], [name]Gianna[/name], or [name]Lila[/name] for baby girl in [name]May[/name]!)

I would pronounce it as My-uh, because it makes me think of [name]Maya[/name] the [name]Bee[/name] :slight_smile:

I tend to pronounce the name MY-YA

I would say “my-uh”

I would say “my-uh” as well, and I think you’ll hear that far more often than “may-uh”.

Absolutely pronounced just like [name]Maya[/name]/“my-uh”. I knew an adorable girl named [name]Maia[/name]. It’s a cute name.

I definitely pronounce this name My-uh. I have never heard it pronounced [name]May[/name]-uh and I really don’t care for that particular pronunciation.

this name is so lovely but one that people mix up the spelling so much that it is confusing. I asked around and this is what I have found. [name]Maia[/name] is pronounce My-ah
[name]Maya[/name] should be pronouced [name]May[/name]-ah and [name]Mia[/name] should be pronounce Me-ah. But ofcource people pick the spelling they like and pronounce it they way they want. I think most people will pronounce it right but I am sure you will get a few [name]May[/name]-ha’s along the way.


aphroditeiris - I [name]LOVE[/name] that you think of [name]Maya[/name] the [name]Bee[/name] because I do too!!! Everytime we say the name I sing the little bit of the cartoon’s theme song that I can remember! :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear that most of you said “my-uh” and think others would say that too. The last thing we want is for our girl to have to constantly correct people for the sake of a compromise! I had one person say “may-uh” which what brought on the doubt. But good news for me because DH gave in today to [name]Mira[/name]!! So now we just have to come up with a middle. [name]Maia[/name] is still our lovely number two choice. Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:

I would say my-uh.

Yes, I would say my-uh as well. It’s a lovely name, and I think it is especially pretty spelled the way you have it-the Greek way.

But that’s terrific that your husband agreed to [name]Mira[/name]! I think that’s even lovelier. I think [name]Mira[/name]'s such a gorgeous underused name. Congratulations on your daughter due in [name]May[/name]!

Best wishes to you!