Making Up Names in Fantasy Languages

*peeps head into nameberry* [name_m]Gee[/name_m], it’s been a while! Anyone remember me?

I’m working on a historical-fantasy-ish story – think of [name_u]Leigh[/name_u] Bardugo’s Six of Crows and [name_u]Shadow[/name_u] and Bone series. One step in the worldbuilding I’m finding particularly fun is generating names for side characters: I’ve got three primary made-up languages where these names would be sourced from, each inspired by real life. There’s fantasy Russian with Latin influences (Placeholder name is the gibberish “Sfotinek”); the equivalent of Yiddish but if instead of [name_m]German[/name_m], it had been Italian that mixed with Hebrew (placeholder: “Eudibreo”); and English-but-slightly-off (placeholder: “Werlish”).

I would love any suggestions for more names that fit in any of these veins. I’ll give you some examples of names in each of these three languages so you can see what I’m talking about. Also, if there are any fluent Russian or other Slavic language speakers in the crowd, I would love your ideas on how to inject more Latin into Russian names!

Sfotinek (most are real Russian/Ukrainian names, I need to add more Latin):
Uliema (F)
Gavrili (F)
[name_f]Rufa[/name_f] (F)
Marteka (F)
Ganna (F)
Zava (F)
[name_f]Taisiya[/name_f] (F)
[name_f]Solomiya[/name_f] (F)
[name_m]Gavril[/name_m] (M)
Ihor (M)
Amvrosiy (M)
Illiadas (M)
Ninel (M)
Radzimir (M)
[name_m]Andrey[/name_m] (M)
Tmasin (M)

Eudibreo (all pronounced as in Italian spelling):
Eliseveta (F)
[name_f]Gavriela[/name_f] (F)
[name_f]Sara[/name_f] (F)
Isavela (F)
Iosefa (F)
Batascieva (F)
[name_f]Rut[/name_f] (F)
Ghitele (F)
Siffora (F)
[name_f]Tirsa[/name_f] (F)
Iuditta (F)
Sciusciana (F)
Avramo (M)
Eddio (M)
[name_m]Bose[/name_m] (M)
Mattio (M)
Iacomo (M)
Imanuele (M)
Ionatano (M)
Saulio (M)
[name_m]Davide[/name_m] (M)
Israle (M)

Higher Class
Cantaline (F)
Almandette (F)
Bellene (F)
Dinginne (F)
Hephestine (F)
Ilinda (F)
Lumenne (F)
Incandessa (F)
Fluora (F)
Phonsin (M)
Lancet (M)
Alephed (M)
Gemore (M)
[name_m]Horis[/name_m] (M)
Ilustine (M)
Lephor (M)
Fluoren (M)

Lower Class
Grittie (F)
[name_f]Britta[/name_f] (F)
Fossie (F)
[name_f]Effie[/name_f] (F)
Babelle (F)
Otta (F)
Heppa (F)
Legga (F)
Sistle (F)
Brimmy (F)
Beart (M)
Whindle (M)
[name_m]Farley[/name_m] (M)
Deftle (M)
Alft (M)
Craves (M)
Herth (M)
Molt (M)
Vim (M)

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I love the names you already have!

Sfotinek: [name_f]Daria[/name_f], [name_f]Tatiyana[/name_f], Anatolius, Leonin, Vladus, Ekateria, [name_m]Saturnin[/name_m], Vitalix

Eudibreo: Sculamita, [name_f]Adama[/name_f], Naftale, Ioccheved, Ioano/Ioana/Ioanan

Persephine, [name_m]Evrett[/name_m], Wayston, Ambrastor, Leonesse, Mericent, Renfred, Philipor, Ignastine
Hames, [name_u]Dessie[/name_u], Itty, Myle, [name_u]Vern[/name_u], Anley, Athyn, Imsy, [name_m]Thornton[/name_m]

Love the names! @arietta-rose @Wandarine

Sfotinek: Ekaterina, Anastasia, Vera, Milena, Malena, Nataliya, Ludmila, Magda, Mirelle, Svetlanna, Filip, Ivan, Nikolai, Iskander…

Eudibreo: Lorenzo, Matteo, Romeo, Federico, Michelangelo, Alessandro, Salvatore, Massimo, Gianluca, Giancarlo, Dante, Amadeo, Niccolo, Donatello, Pietro, Vittorio, Raffaelo
Vittoria, Lucia, Giovanna, Chiara “Chiarina”, Blanca, Roma, Renata, Milana, Loretta, Kara, Serafina, Donna, Rosabella, Annunziata, Caterina, Rosetta, Carlotta, Primavera, Raffaella, Graziella, Margherita.

Werlish: (Upper Class) Emmeline, Isabeau, Beatrice/Beatrix, Aalis/Adelais/Adelaide/Alice, Mathilda, Eleanor/Elinor/Eleonora/Aliénor, Aveline, Adeline, Genevieve, Lucille/Luce/Lucie/Lux, Maude
Isolde, Melisande, Bernandette, Normandie…
Aleph, Maximin, Cidro, Tullius, Algar, Absolon, Kiefer, Athelred, Alfred, Edmund, Eadred, Aetheling, Indulf
(Lower Class)
Soph, Laurie, Olla, Lola, Arie, Eve, Hattie, Nene…
Henley, Charles, Seb, Hert, Bram,…

Ps… I am not fluent in Russian or Ukrainian, but i live in the Balkans and so i know that many Russian, Ukrainian or Slavic names can be translations of Latin names or can have latin roots.
For example the russian name “Svetlana” or “Sviatlana” has the same roots as Clare/Claire/Chiara (French) and Lucia (Latin for light).
Also, “Sergey” derives from the Latin name Sergius, a Roman gens name, or family name.
“Andrián” derives from the latin “Hardianus”…
These names are mostly related to Christianity, as the Catholic and the Eastern Orthodox Church shared many Saints before 1054, so if you research on Russian/Greek/Slavic Saints you may find more names inspired by Latin! :blush: