Malia & Sasha

they aren’t really starbabies… but this is the only forum i felt this topic really fit in…
What do you guys think of the names of president [name]Obama[/name]'s daughters?
[name]Malia[/name] [name]Ann[/name] & [name]Natasha[/name] ([name]Sasha[/name]) Muhseen
I don’t know that Muhseen is actually [name]Sasha[/name]‘s middle name… i read it somewhere, but it might just be an internet rumor… even so… i really like both girls’ names… i think they’re absolutely beautiful and VERY diverse…
what do you all think?
if they ever had another child, what do you think they’d call him/her?

I really like the name [name]Malia[/name] and [name]Sasha[/name] is alright

Well, I don’t like the flow of [name]Malia[/name] [name]Ann[/name], but [name]Ann[/name] is in honor of [name]Barack[/name]'s mom, [name]Stanley[/name] [name]Ann[/name] [name]Dunham[/name]. I prefer [name]Sasha[/name] to [name]Natasha[/name], so I like that they use that nickname, but I’ve never seen her middle name published! If that is it, I’m assuming it is a tribute to [name]Barack[/name]'s [name]African[/name] heritage? Cool!

For another child…

[name]Atara[/name] is a Hebrew name meaning “blessed,” the same meaning as [name]Barack[/name]. I thought that was cute! [name]Barack[/name]'s maternal grandmother is reportedly [name]Madelyn[/name], so I thought [name]Atara[/name] [name]Madelyn[/name] was cute! Another cute name would be [name]Aleda[/name], which is a Latin name meaning “small.” [name]Michelle[/name]'s middle name, LaVaughn, contains [name]Vaughn[/name], a name meaning “small.” [name]Aleda[/name] [name]Robin[/name] would be cute to honor [name]Michelle[/name]'s maiden name, [name]Robinson[/name].

[name]Malia[/name], [name]Sasha[/name], and [name]Atara[/name] or [name]Malia[/name], [name]Sasha[/name], and [name]Aleda[/name]?

I also thought an O name would be cute to continue on up the alphabet (M, N, O…):


But O names aren’t the best with [name]Obama[/name] as a last name! :wink:

Wow! You put alot of though into this! I like it.
I think [name]Odessa[/name] [name]Obama[/name] has a nice ring to it.
[name]Odessa[/name] [name]Robin[/name] [name]Obama[/name]. I loove it.

Maybe [name]Raquelle[/name]?

lol. [name]Rocky[/name] [name]Obama[/name]?