We’ve had a few reports of visitors getting bumped to a Malware warning screen. This kind of Malware is embedded in a rogue ad that may appear on a page, not in Nameberry itself. IF THIS HAPPENS TO YOU, please take a screenshot and report here on what device/browser you’re using and what page you were on when you got bumped to the Malware screen. And then, of course, back away!!!

It’s very difficult to root out these Malware ads because you can’t reproduce the experience – they pop up randomly and very occasionally.

So please help us try to track down by leaving reports here. Thank you.

I use Google Chrome and Avast anti-virus, I’m not sure if it’s directly from the site, but several times the past week, when I’m on Nameberry, I’ll get an alert from Avast saying that it has removed malware from the page, with a long confusing link to a webpage (assuming that’s the ad?). I don’t run into this on any other site, so maybe this is from the malware issue you’re having as well?

EDIT: I often get it when I post a thread or edit my signature it seems!

This has been happening to me just when I go to the home page. It’s happened at least 3/4 of the times I’ve tried to come to Nameberry in the last week or two. It doesn’t happen until after I get to the screen that says “thank you for logging in” though, if that helps. I use Internet [name_u]Explorer[/name_u].

Can you please take screen shots of the page when this happens and either post it here or send it to me at Thanks

This can also be caused by your own PC having a type of Malware installed on it, if you are experiencing this, run a virus scan and a malware detecting program!

[name_f]Pam[/name_f] I only get it when I go through and that is the link I always visit Nameberry from.

This just happened.


I just got sent to the malware page. I’m using Chrome. It happened as I tried to access the home page. Here’s the screenshot.


[name_m]Don[/name_m]'t know if that uploaded image will be helpful…too small.

Try looking at this: