So, every time I see the ‘Cool Names’ thing on the front page and I see [name]Marbella[/name], I think it’s Marabella and I go ‘ooh, I like Marabella!’ only to be really disappointed to find it’s not Marabella, but [name]Marbella[/name]. I don’t like [name]Marbella[/name].

So I’ve been looking around for any record of Marabella as a name, and I found one:,,8gq,00.html?page=151&bnf=1&ctx=555&max=7299&item=4513&name=Marabella&prev_name=[name]Marabel[/name]&next_name=[name]Marabelle[/name]
It’s somewhat less reliable than I had hoped, and so I turn to my fellow Berries for help!
I know Marabella is a place name, and that because of that it would be ‘legit’ to use, but that’s not my primary concern.

I need to know I’m not crazy for loving Marabella.
Could you lovely people please tell me your honest opinion of the name Marabella and what you’d think if you met a girl named Marabella, and what you’d think of her parents and so on and so on.

I also realise I can get the name by using [name]Mara[/name] [name]Bella[/name], but it’s not the same to me…

Thank you all so very much!! :slight_smile:

I like it!

Got [name]Arabella[/name] on my list and lets face it there isnt much between the two?!

Marabella [name]Grace[/name]…Nice!

I much prefer the names [name]Mirabelle[/name] and [name]Mirabella[/name]. Does the [name]Mar[/name]- sound rhyme with “far,” or with “hair”? [name]Both[/name] Marabella and [name]Marbella[/name] make me think “marble.”

I’d automatically say [name]Marbella[/name] like marble, which is why it looks awkward to me. I’d assume Marabella had the “air” sound, and it’s much more attractive. I no longer favor names with that many As, though. In most cases, Es and/or Is help longer names flow, as in [name]Mirabelle[/name].

my daughters favorite book is [name]FANCY[/name] [name]NANCY[/name]. In the book nancy has a doll with a very fancy name her name is [name]Marabelle[/name] [name]Lavinia[/name] Chandelier. Its a cute name a little too frilly for me.

I love [name]Mirabella[/name] and [name]Mirabelle[/name] nn [name]Mira[/name].

I love Marabella, and I am a sucker for -bella endings (even though they are so popular), I think Marabella is beautiful and I don’t think it’s too over the top. I’ve loved [name]Mara[/name] on it’s own for a while now so I was bound to love Marabella.

good luck! :slight_smile:

I think marabella is really pretty I’d go with that if i were you … screw the usual marbella lolz that sounds so much prettier

I prefer [name]Maribel[/name] or [name]Maribella[/name], or perhaps even [name]Mariella[/name].

I like the idea of Marabella, sounds great to me

I agree. And that is a LOT of A’s. Have you tried writing it? I’ve found that writing names (grade school notebook style) has actually really impacted some of my views!

I read all the comments and my name IS marabella it’s pronounced like “marble” which is ironically my nickname by some my full name is Marabella [name]Grace[/name] [name]Leigh[/name] [name]Lucetta[/name] I’m Italian, Jewish, Italian, and Dutch. [name]Just[/name] saying I love love love my name! And all of these comments made me feel special! Haha. :slight_smile:

[name]Do[/name] you say Mah-ra-bella or [name]Mar[/name]-ra-bella. I naturally say the former. I’m immediately drawn to this name. It sounds sweet.