Marie as a first name

What do you all think about [name]Marie[/name] as a first name? I feel like you always hear it in the middle slot, and rarely as a first name. This is a really silly reason to hesitate, but the Nameberry “Coolator” list has it as one if the “uncool” names, with [name]Maria[/name] a step up. To me (and especially DH who is from Mexico) [name]Maria[/name] is way more overused. [name]Marie[/name] seems to almost have a vintage flair. Any thoughts?

Our other daughter is [name]Juliette[/name] No”lle, and we’re probably going to use [name]Rosalinda[/name] as the middle name for #2. Thanks!!

I actually really like it, and don’t understand why it’s not used more… or suggested more on nameberry, at least! To me it’s simple and sweet, like [name]Rose[/name] or [name]Jane[/name], and so rarely used. I don’t see what’s uncool about it at all.

I also saw this under the nameberry description:

'[name]Marie[/name] sounds more dated than either [name]Mary[/name] or [name]Maria[/name], though it once rivaled both. ’

I disagree! I like [name]Mary[/name] and [name]Maria[/name] as well, but [name]Marie[/name] seems to have a flair that the other two don’t. I’ve also considered this as a first name, and just can’t for the life of me understand why more people don’t think it’s perfect. I don’t think it sounds dated in a bad way, more in the same vintagey way that many of the beloved names always mentioned on this site are. I’ve never known anyone by the first name [name]Marie[/name], I don’t think.

I love [name]Marie[/name] as a first name and am considering it as a first name for my hopefully soon-to-be-conceived child! I am considering doing a fun middle name and calling her by both like [name]Marie[/name] [name]Therese[/name] or [name]Marie[/name] [name]Antoinette[/name] (those are not the middle names I am considering, just an example).

I think it sounds much fresher than [name]Mary[/name] or [name]Maria[/name] and will sound really fresh in 5 or 10 years when everyone is sick of the names that are trendy right now. I also think it has an understated elegance that won’t feel like you are trying too hard.

Pretty, elegant - like it. I like the use of “filler middles” as first names - it’s refreshing. [name]Marie[/name] [name]Rosalinda[/name] is lovely. I also like [name]Marie[/name] [name]Lucinda[/name] and [name]Marie[/name] [name]Rosella[/name].

[name]Minnie[/name] x

I’ll actually have to dissent, and say I agree with the nameberry stance. I think [name]Mary[/name] and [name]Maria[/name] are both fresher than [name]Marie[/name]. I don’t think [name]Marie[/name] is a bad name by any means, but it just doesn’t have the connotations [name]Mary[/name] and [name]Maria[/name] have. I love [name]Maria[/name] as a first name a lot. I was actually considering it a while ago.

I like [name]Maria[/name] too and had considered it… a few people said it seemed like an ‘ethnic’ name to them. I don’t really think of it that way, but I wonder if that’s the general impression.

My mother’s name is [name]Marie[/name] and I have always thought it was elegant … especially with her middle name of [name]Camille[/name]. It’s easy to spell and pronounce (aside from the /r/ sound …) (which I always like to think about for a child). Anyway - my vote is for [name]Marie[/name] - it certainly sounds beautiful with your other daughters name! Congrats & best of luck!!! :smiley:

I love [name]Marie[/name] as a first name! I hate [name]Maria[/name].

I really like [name]Marie[/name] as a first name but I have had trouble finding a middle name which doesn’t sound “backwards” if you know what I mean. I definately like it more than [name]Maria[/name].

I think [name]Marie[/name] is a great first name. And even though it’s a filler, I love it as a middle as well. I also really, really love [name]Mary[/name]. I’m not a big fan of [name]Maria[/name] because I know about 50,000 of them, and I definitely do think of it as ethnic, every [name]Maria[/name] I know is Mexican. I can’t think of a single [name]Marie[/name], but I do know several [name]Marys[/name]. So, I guess I would call [name]Marie[/name] the coolest of the three. Yeah, I would say uncool- [name]Maria[/name]. cool- [name]Mary[/name] coolest- [name]Marie[/name]. Although I don’t think [name]Maria[/name] is uncool, just over saturated where I live.

I like [name]Marie[/name] as a first name, but I don’t love it. I’d be happy to meet a young [name]Marie[/name] though. To me it feels a bit dated, but I’m not completely sure why. Probably because literally half the girls I grew up with had [name]Marie[/name] as their middle name (and a lot of them went by their first and middles, [name]Sarah[/name] [name]Marie[/name], [name]Anna[/name] [name]Marie[/name], [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Marie[/name], [name]Katie[/name] [name]Marie[/name])- and the girls who didn’t have [name]Marie[/name], had [name]Rose[/name]. But [name]Rose[/name] feels fresher to me as a first name, maybe because it’s “vintage”. I don’t know. I do like [name]Mary[/name] more. [name]Mary[/name] feels very unexpected I guess. I know quite a few Marias, all of which are Hispanic, so I would feel weird naming a child of mine, who would be white and Jewish, [name]Maria[/name]. Also the name overwhelmingly makes me think of musical theater and I almost impulsively want to break out in “[name]How[/name] do you solve a problem like [name]Maria[/name]?” (Sound of [name]Music[/name]) or “I’ve just met a girl named [name]Maria[/name]!.. [name]Maria[/name], [name]Maria[/name], [name]Maria[/name], [name]Maria[/name]…” ([name]West[/name] Side [name]Story[/name]). I’m such a dork :slight_smile:

Freckles, I’m right there with you as far as busting out into song with the name [name]Maria[/name] goes. I actually briefly considered it for a girl, but then realized I’d be singing that song from Sound of [name]Music[/name] to her all the time and I wouldn’t want her growing up thinking she’s a “problem”. :slight_smile:

We also had tons of [name]Maries[/name] and Roses as middle names. We also had a lot of Anns and Annes.

My middle name is [name]Maree[/name], so that’s an option. But I prefer [name]Martha[/name] and [name]Mary[/name].