Hi everyone,
Could everyone share your thoughts on the name Mary-Rose for our daughter?
I’m thinking of Elizabeth as her middle name.
Thank you all so much. Any advice or feedback is very welcomed.

I’m generally not big on hyphenated names, but yours does combine two of my all time favorites! If it were me I’d just go for Mary Rose without the hyphen, but it’s still lovely either way. Rosemary might be another to consider if you haven’t already.

Mary Rose Elizabeth is a lovely, classic choice. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much

Hmmm I’m liking all three of those names but not quite sure I’m thinking they flow well in that order. I agree with above on Rosemary as a possibility

Mary-Rose Elizabeth is beautiful. Working with children though I have found the second name is often dropped if there isn’t a hyphen, so I do recommend keeping it in if you do wish for her to be Mary-Rose in school and such!

Definitely keep the hype so the “Rose” part isn’t ignored. I love Mary-Rose Elizabeth, it has a very timeless feel! Rosemary would be cute, though, if you didn’t want two names, but I really like Mary-Rose

Mary-Rose has a fresh simplicity about it. It’s classic but different at the same time. Mary-Rose Elizabeth is nice

Mary-Rose Elizabeth is lovely. I think that it is better to keep the hyphen so that it isn’t assumed that Rose is a middle name and gets dropped, as in combination, Mary-Rose is elegant and lovely.

Love it!!! Mary is such a beautiful name, it’s classic, and typically not used very often anymore (unless it’s used for more religious purposes).
I think Mary-Rose just elevates the whole name. It’s very charming.

Mary-Rose is so sweet and simple! Absolutely lovely!

Love the suggestion of Rosemary! Mary-Rose just seems a little dated to me.

While I personally prefer Rosemary and there are some potential challenges that come with a hyphenated name in the tech era, Mary-Rose is very sweet and traditional. A solid name choice!

I like the suggestion of Rosemary much more than Mary-Rose. There’s also Maryella which I think it really cute.

I love Mary-Rose! I’m considering Mary Rose as a double FN myself!

Mary-Rose is absolutely beautiful. Mary-Rose Elizabeth is an absolutely stunning name.

Mary-Rose is beautiful, its timeless and elegant with old school charm. I also really like Mary-Alice! Elizabeth works perfectly in the middle too, great choice.