Max has arrived!

Hello berries!

On [name]June[/name] 8, little [name]Max[/name] was born a few days ahead of schedule, healthy and screaming! We’ve already been allowed to go home :slight_smile: He’s absolutely beautiful, and his name fits him perfectly!

I decided to go with M”ximo [name]Leif[/name] for his full name. [name]Leif[/name] is my father’s middle name, and it was such an emotional moment when I announced his name to my family. I hadn’t been giving them any hints on possible names during the pregnancy, so they were so eager to know! When I got to hold [name]Max[/name] for the first time, I said, “Hello little [name]Max[/name].” My mom started crying, and then when I turned to my dad and said, “[name]Say[/name] hello to M”ximo [name]Leif[/name]”, my dad started crying too. It was a beautiful moment :slight_smile:

[name]Even[/name] better, my brother (who’s 15) had brought a present for me to the hospital, and it was a copy of Where the [name]Wild[/name] Things Are (both of our favorite book as kids). The name [name]Max[/name] was obviously meant to be :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much for your help and support!
~ [name]Hayden[/name]

Congratulations! [name]Love[/name] that his name has such a special meaning for you and for him! Enjoy your baby :slight_smile:

[name]Maximo[/name] [name]Leif[/name] is such a handsome name, and it’s so lovely that your family love it. Where the [name]Wild[/name] Things Are is a great book, too!


That is so sweet! Congratulations :slight_smile: [name]Maximo[/name] [name]Leif[/name] is a fabulous name, lucky little guy!

I must say you are a super daughter giving little [name]Max[/name] those names which meant so much to your parents. What a special moment and what a special bond your parents will have with their grandson,

Congratulations, enjoy every moment.

Congratulations! And what an adorable name. I’ve been thinking of using [name]Max[/name] as well. Like you, I’m a fan of “Where the [name]Wild[/name] Things Are” and that just makes me love the name even more!

Congratulations! M”ximo [name]Leif[/name] is a fantastic name! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I love the name AND the story behind it!

[name]Sincere[/name] congratulations on the arrival on your little bundle of joy :slight_smile:
M”ximo [name]Leif[/name] is a truly beautiful name.
Best wishes to you all :slight_smile:

Congrats [name]Hayden[/name] on the baby boy! [name]Maximo[/name] [name]Leif[/name] is a stunning name.

Congrats [name]Hayden[/name]! I really [name]LOVE[/name] his name!!! I know you will be an amazing mother. Thank you for sharing your story with us and good luck.

Hello again Nameberry :slight_smile:

Thank you all from deep within my heart for the congratulations and compliments! They truly mean a lot to me.

I know its been a long time since I’ve been on Nameberry, and I wanted to just let you guys know how [name]Max[/name] and I are doing. [name]Max[/name] is a little over 3 months, and he is getting so big! [name]Every[/name] day I learn new things about him, and he is a truly amazing little person. He’s awesome. :smiley:

As I mentioned before, I’m only 19, and [name]Max[/name] was an oopsie-baby. I’m a single mom, and at first I was really nervous about going at this alone, but I am so thankful and lucky to have an awesome family - over the summer, I’ve been living with my parents and they have been amazing. I didn’t want [name]Max[/name] to be the kid raised just by his grandparents because his mom couldn’t handle him, and I did not let that happen. But, my parents were able to give me advice and help me out when things got a little tough. And while I’m a bit sad that [name]Max[/name] won’t have his biological dad in his life, I think my 15-year-old brother [name]Brody[/name] is already stepping up to be a good role model and positive male influence in his life, and [name]Max[/name] grins every time he sees him. I’m going back to college in a few weeks - I made that a priority since I know a college degree will definitely help [name]Max[/name] and I later on.

When I was looking for names, you guys gave me some great life advice, and I have taken everything you said and remembered it.

Anyway, I know this was long and probably kind of random, but I’m just thankful to you guys for helping me pick out a wonderful name and just being supportive when I really needed it. When I’m older, I hope to have more kids, and maybe someday M”ximo will have a little sister named [name]Ingrid[/name] or a little brother named R”o, [name]Sebastian[/name], or [name]Finnian[/name]!

:] [name]Hayden[/name]

[name]Hi[/name] [name]Hayden[/name],

This is so funny because only this morning I started wondering what you had named your son-- such a random thought to have since I read your story months ago! He has a beautiful name and I am so glad that you and he are happy. I am almost 21 and can only imagine how difficult it would be to have a child at this time in my life, but it sounds as though you are doing an amazing job and have the full support of your family. Congratulations and good luck!


It’s good to hear that you and [name]Maximo[/name] are doing well. I think you’re decision to go to college is a very responsible one, and it sounds like [name]Max[/name] is going to grow up with a very caring mother, and plenty of relatives who love him very much, despite the absence of his biological father.

And I completely love your other favourite names, especially [name]Ingrid[/name] and [name]Finnian[/name]!