Maybe a stupid question?

How do you get the names you post on the forum to be linked to their pages?

I feel dumb asking. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m pretty sure they will automatically link a few minutes after you post! Not a stupid question!

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Yes, not a stupid question at all! The answer is…magic. No, @Kipperbo1 is right. We have a special program that links everything it recognizes as a name. We built it ourselves so it’s not something that commonly exists in the world or on other sites. That said, it sometimes doesn’t work!!


The one thing I found is that, if you have bullet points or bold/italic wording, some of the names will be linked and won’t show it. I’ve found that if I hit edit, add a letter and hit save, the links will show. Go through and repeat the process, removing the extra letter, and the links will still show.

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