This came to me last night, could Memory ever work as a name? It’s got the right stuff to become a trend. Memory sounds like it could be in the style of a Puritan word name, similar to trendy [name]Hope[/name], but it also has a trendy “ry” ending like [name]Emery[/name]. I would never use it, but I guess I’m surprised no one else has. Thoughts?

Sounds a lot like mammary.

While I would never pick it myself, I do think you are right in that it completely has the qualities to become popular.

I like Mneme (nem-ee), who was the muse of memory (one of the original three) in Greek mythology, Mnemosyne (nem-oh-see-nee) which means remembrance and who was the Titan goddess of memory and the mother of the later nine muses.

Oroitz is a male Basque name meaning memory, too.

I like [name]Remember[/name] and Reverie which are in the same vein as Memory. i think it is kind of cute.

I love the idea of Reverie!

Yay, Twinkle likes my handle.

[name]Both[/name] Memory and [name]Remember[/name] are on my list… I somehow prefer [name]Remember[/name] because it’s less cutesy and the sound fits better with my other favourites, but I’m surprised Memory isn’t more known… I’ve even heard of Memoria as a variant, which I think is pretty sweet, and perhaps less cutesy ^^

I like Mneme as well, but she’s hard to pronounce and perhaps too outlandish to actually use…



I personally can’t see Memory ever working as a name, either. I agree with [name]Susan[/name] that it’s too close to mammary, and think it’s just too much of a “word” to be a name. (I can already hear the “bad memory” jokes…"

Good luck! :slight_smile: