Mercury as a girl's name?

I am going to admit something right now. i am absolutely in love with [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name]. For those who don’t know who he is, he is the lead singer of the band [name]Queen[/name]. For those who don’t know [name]Queen[/name], i can only say one thing; you simply haven’t lived. but, anyway, back to the thought process i first set out to complete.
When i have a child, i want to name it [name]Mercury[/name], as a tribute to [name]Freddie[/name]. (i really don’t like the name [name]Freddie[/name], and that is why i want to use [name]Mercury[/name]) i don’t think that [name]Mercury[/name] would sound good on a guy, however, so i wish to give it to my daughter, if i have one, when i get older.
My problem here is the fact that when i tell people that i like the name [name]Mercury[/name] for a girl, they all go “ew, that is so weird.” not like i am one to give into peer pressure, but i am starting to wonder what exactly is wrong with the name [name]Mercury[/name]. in my opinion, it is a chic, classy and hopefully trendy way to say “i love you” to [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name]. and a clever way to tell all the people who want to give their kids the most popular names that i don’t care.
So, enough of me talking, what do you think of [name]Mercury[/name] for a girl? if at all possible, tell me why or why not you like it. thank you so much!


I don’t dislike [name]Mercury[/name] although I think it’s more masculine sounding. (This coming from someone with a daughter named [name]Finn[/name]!) My trouble is the nn aspect. It’s a 3 syllable name but it is hard to shorten to a nickname. I guess there is [name]Merc[/name] or Merky. But they are masculine sounding.

If you love the name [name]Mercury[/name]… then go for it. Your daughter will grow to suit any name you give her. Maybe give her a more traditional middle name… if she decides that [name]Mercury[/name] isn’t for her… she can use the middle name.

Thanks for responding!! i was also thinking about the nickname possibility myself, and i kind of like the nickname Merky. or i could call her Cury for short as well. i was thinking about maybe [name]Mercury[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name], a double tribute, because the middle name is one of my friend’s names. i will keep thinking, but i think that this name belongs with my daughter to be (in no less than fifteen years, of course) because i can picture myself with my baby in my arms, and i’m calling her [name]Mercury[/name].
Thanks again for responding!

I think there are certainly stranger names out there, and this also doubles as a reference to the Greek god.

As for nicknames, you could go with [name]Meri[/name] or [name]Merri[/name] since the first three letters are Mer-. This would also give her a more mainstream name, should she want it.

It may be a good idea to test the name out by introducing yourself to strangers as “[name]Mercury[/name].” I think that [name]Mercury[/name] is cool in theory (especially for a boy, because it feels masculine to me), but I’m not sure about it on an actual child. Hmm…

I’d personally avoid the “Merky” nickname, because it sounds like the word “murky,” which doesn’t have a very positive meaning.

Here’s what [name]Pam[/name] and [name]Linda[/name] wrote about [name]Mercury[/name] as a girls’ name:

“It’s a car brand, a planet, and the messenger of the gods – but it’s questionable whether it works as a little girl’s name.”

I also think of the [name]Mercury[/name] the element, and of [name]Mercury[/name] poisoning.

So, now that I think about it, I realize that I do mostly think of the element and “[name]Mercury[/name] poisoning,” so I’m personally not a fan. :frowning: (I’m a fan of [name]Queen[/name], though!)

Good luck!

Hey , I think the sentiment is lovely and its great to honour someone like that but I’m not liking the name really, I think of merky water and mercury poisoning,I’m sorry but if you love the name go for it. Is there an alternative like a name of his songs to honour her ? I looked him up and his real name was Farrokh how about Farro or [name]Farrah[/name] or something. If you love the name, how it sounds and what it reminds you off totally go for it :slight_smile:

I think [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] was awesome. [name]Just[/name] sayin’. I like [name]Jill[/name]'s suggestion of trying this name out on people and see how they react. It’s one thing to say you don’t care what people think about the name you’ve chosen, but someone else might care. A child reflects his or her parents in their ways and in the name you give them, and your choice of name is almost like you care about [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] more than your hypothetical daughter.

I think of mercury in thermometers, mercury glass, which is cool, and the adjective mercurial to describe a personality - as in, volatile. The dictionary has some less harsh, like flighty or quick-witted, but I’ve never heard those aspects described as mercurial. Flighty sounds almost endearing where mercurial sounds like… exactly, runs hot and cold. She will be sweet and love you one minute and cut you the next. I hate to think that far ahead, as I usually do for, like job interviews, but I think guys might be put off by the name and not want to date her, especially if they’ve experienced a variety of clingy and jealous women with hot tempers.

I have to say I like this a lot in theory, but in the real world, this is like putting a bumper sticker on your kid. If you don’t already live in San [name]Francisco[/name], maybe consider moving there, or LA and see if you can get into some major motion pictures. If you are not in a band, try to get in a band, and hire some kind of agent so you get famous, then this name will be perfectly assimilated. I don’t see other kids hating this name, but this just seems like the kind of name a kid might resent having if they don’t enjoy the perks of a celebrity parent.

I prefer it on a boy along with with [name]Jupiter[/name], [name]Saturn[/name] & [name]Pluto[/name] :slight_smile:
What about a feminine form of [name]Freddie[/name]?
[name]Frederica[/name] has 28 derivatives: [name]Farica[/name], [name]Federica[/name], [name]Fred[/name], [name]Fredalena[/name], [name]Freddee[/name], [name]Freddey[/name], [name]Freddi[/name], [name]Freddie[/name], [name]Freddy[/name], [name]Fredericka[/name], [name]Frederickina[/name], [name]Frederika[/name], [name]Frederine[/name], [name]Frederique[/name], [name]Fredi[/name], [name]Fredia[/name], [name]Fredie[/name], [name]Fredricia[/name], [name]Fredrika[/name], Fredrikke, [name]Frerika[/name], [name]Friederike[/name], [name]Rica[/name], [name]Ricki[/name], [name]Rickie[/name], [name]Ricky[/name], [name]Rikki[/name] and [name]Rikky[/name].

Instead of using [name]Mercury[/name], why not pick a name used in a [name]Queen[/name] song? [name]Delilah[/name] is currently the only one I can think of, but maybe there’s more?

I take it from your post that you are very young, still a kid yourself. I have a feeling - though I could be wrong - that by the time you are ready to have a daughter of your own, [name]Mercury[/name] will no longer be in the running.
I think you should write the idea down, though, and other ideas you have now about what you picture your life being like when you grow up, and put it somewhere for safekeeping. Someday you might enjoy looking back on it and you’ll probably get a kick out of it. I wish I had done that. I can still remember being a kid, but I have a really hard time remembering what I thought then about what my life would be like now, and I often wish I could remember better.

I completely understand:) [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] was magical. [name]Queen[/name] was an amazing band and they changed rock really. I’m pretty sure I’ve loved him forever and I know for ages I was definitely going to call my son [name]Freddie[/name]. [name]Just[/name] [name]Freddie[/name], not short for anything, after him.

Now not saying I haven’t because I don’t have any kids, but I’m not as sure as I used to be and I have a feeling you might be the same. If you do decide to name your future daughter [name]Mercury[/name], then yes the sentiment is there but you will have to explain why to everyone and so will she. You will need to take into consideration all the other things that are associated with [name]Mercury[/name] and prepare for the teasing if you go through with it. Then again if you love it enough…

i [name]LOVE[/name] the name mercury. infact my neices name is mercury and she is the only girl in history named mercury

[name]Just[/name] an interesting side note:
[name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name]'s real name is Farrokh Bulsara.

I think you should file this idea away until you are actually faced with choosing a name for your hypothetical future child. Then see how you (and your partner) feel about it. If you still 100% love it and nothing else will do, that’s your name.

I do think that, like someone else mentioned, it’s always important to keep in mind the impact any name will have on your child. I may love ancient mythology and think it would just be the coolest thing to name my child [name]Zeus[/name], [name]Poseidon[/name], or [name]Ra[/name], but more important than how “cool” it would be (or how much I want to pay homage to my own personal interests or influences) is how the kid will feel about bearing this very specific name that doesn’t reflect THEM or THEIR interests.

P.S. Another thing to think about: when a child has a name like [name]Mercury[/name], the question they’ll get the most often is some permutation of “what made your parents choose that name?” They will say “my mom is a really big [name]Queen[/name] fan.” It’s something I keep in mind whenever I feel inspired by a literary or film character, which happens all the time. I’d be more okay with the kid saying “oh, my mom just loves Shakespearean names” than “my mom heard the name on an episode of CSI [name]Miami[/name].”

I think [name]Mercury[/name] is a really creative name for either sex. Yes he was a [name]Roman[/name] God, but boys’ names are trendy for girls anyway, and besides, if you like the name I don’t think it matters. [name]Diana[/name] and [name]Luna[/name] are [name]Roman[/name] Goddesses, and they are very common names, so why not [name]Mercury[/name]? I think its much more daring and creative than the popular names for babies coming out like [name]Chase[/name], [name]Ace[/name], [name]Trace[/name], [name]Chance[/name], Daze, [name]Ashby[/name], [name]Addison[/name] etc. I love the nicknames [name]Merri[/name] or [name]Currie[/name] to go along with [name]Mercury[/name]. I have met a girl named [name]Mercury[/name] as well and she liked her name just fine. In fact people who I meet with unique names seem to have more confidence than just another [name]Jennifer[/name] or [name]Michael[/name]. I have a unique name myself that is a boy’s name–and I am a girl. I rarely have to explain the origin of my name, and when I do its not really that hard. Most people just say that my parents were really creative and wish they had a cool name like mine–most people are jealous of others’ unique names. My boyfriend for example has a very common name and there are often multiple guys with his name wherever we go and he hates it. I hope my words have encouraged you. [name]Don[/name]'t let others get you down. When it comes down to it, listen to your gut. The best decisions I have made in life were my own, and the biggest regrets I have are when I let others persuade me from doing something I felt strongly about.

I thought of [name]Sailor[/name] [name]Moon[/name] before I thought of [name]Freddie[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] - [name]Sailor[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] was even in the theme song (which is now stuck in my head haha)

I’m a child of the 90’s and [name]Sailor[/name] [name]Moon[/name] was on every morning throughout primary and highschool.

[name]Sailor[/name] [name]Mercury[/name] was one very cool character though!

Im sorry but you asked for honesty so hear goes. I dont like it. I dont see what is chic, or sophisticated about it. I think of [name]Mercury[/name] the planet and [name]Mercury[/name] the metal. I can see kids teasing a child with that name, such as why dont you go back to the planet you came from [name]Mercury[/name]…etc… Or hey fishy come over here, or hey I smell some fishyness over there, or hey dont go near her, you might catch mercury poisoning! Mean boys would have a hey day with that name. OMG when I think of all the teasing possibilies with that name, its just sad to imagine.

I don’t really like it. The best use of [name]Mercury[/name] I can think of is as a middle name for a boy. Personally since [name]Mercury[/name] was a male god, I feel it’s kind of insensitive to name your daughter that. I realize people don’t worship [name]Greco[/name]-[name]Roman[/name] polytheism anymore, but it’s kind of like someone naming their daughter [name]Jesus[/name].

Well, I have to chime in here because my daughter’s name is [name]Mercury[/name]. She will be eleven in [name]May[/name]. She is a very popular young student and has never been picked on because of her name. She is a straight-A honors student and involved in tumbling, cheerleading, and softball. Quite honestly she is everything you could want in a daughter. I also have son named [name]Jace[/name]. I will be straight with you sometimes when people ask her name and I say [name]Mercury[/name] they make a face and say “[name]Mercury[/name]?!” Mind you this is always adults, I have never had a child say anything derogatory about her name. The other 75% of the time people will ask me her name and when I tell them they will say "Wow, that is a really…(insert adjective here) pretty, cool, unique, beautiful…name.

Now, I love [name]Mercury[/name] [name]Elizabeth[/name] because when she is older she may want to go by her middle name for business, etc. Also, as for nicknames we call her [name]Merc[/name] or Sis or [name]Sissy[/name] because that is what her little brother calls her.

Good luck and if you decide on [name]Mercury[/name] congrats! Hopefully your little girl will be as much as an outstanding child as mine is!

And P.S. not to be rude but what child thinks or even knows about [name]Mercury[/name] poisoning when teasing another child? You are giving them to much credit, it is the adults that think stuff like that! :slight_smile:

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It’s cute it’s on my list for either but prefer boy