Message limit frustration

hello! i recently started the ABNTC, and we’ve been messaging, bouncing ideas off of each other. however, messages are limited to 20 messages, and then a new messages has to be made. it’s definitely a hassle!

is there a way to remove the 20 message limit? or is there a way to make a topic that only certain users can access? does anyone have any better ideas to help us out? thank you so much!

Great question and I absolutely get why this is frustrating.

We set the 20 message limit as before this was in place there were long group message threads that, due to their private nature, were not able to be monitored by our moderators.

Especially because there are minors on this site, having long and extensive conversations we can’t monitor is not something we are morally or ethically comfortable with.

We encourage anyone who is interested to have these types of chats to do so outside of Nameberry, but unfortunately this platform just isn’t conducive to these.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience of this! I know that many Berries have used Discord as an alternative platform for longer chats.

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