Middle name for Isabel (girl #4)

Help us decide on a middle name for baby girl #4! We settled on Isabel for a first name (still debating whether to spell it Isabel or Isabelle). Our four other children have names inspired by the Bible, so even though we’re using a variant of Elizabeth for her first name, we’d still like to honor the Biblical connection with her middle name.

Here’s what we’ve thought of so far:

Isabel Mercy
Isabel Mary
Isabel Eden
Isabel Esther
Isabel Faith
Isabel Glory
Isabel Hope

Thoughts? Suggestions? We’ve used Grace, Lydia, Elizabeth, Micah and Joy with our other kiddos, so those aren’t options.

Isabel Glory is stunning! I also really like Isabel Hope and Isabel Faith. I’ll also suggest Isabel Ruth!

Isabel Glory is so striking!

Isabel (this spelling) Eden is my favorite. My absolute favorite biblical girl name is Selah so I’ll suggest Isabel Selah!

I love Isabel Mary, Isabel Eden and Isabel Esther. When I read the title though, the first name that came to mind was Isabel Marie. When I read the post, I was surprised because Marie is the French variation of Mary and it fit into what you wanted (I think).

My favourite is Isabel Glory but it’s the same initial as Grace and it would leave out Lydia, but probably I’m just too picky.
Isabel Mary is very elegant, if you are a Christian Catholic Mary is the perfect girl name but it also works if you aren’t.
Esther is a good, solid biblical name and a classic name. Isabel Esther is great and it’s the one I would ultimately chose given my concern with Glory.
Isabel Hope and Isabel Faith are ok but they are the same style as Grace and just like Grace are very used as middles, often in combination with the latter, so again I feel like Lydia is left out.
Not a fan of Mercy and Eden.

Isabel Magdalene *
Isabelle Tabitha
Isabel Judith

Isabel Esther is my pick. I had never thought to put those two names together but now I am in love! Would seriously consider it for my own future daughter.

I like all the other options, but I especially love Faith, Mercy and Mary :slight_smile:

Isabel Glory is unexpected and lovely

Isabelle is my preferred spelling. And my top middle choices from your list are:

Isabelle Eden
Isabelle Glory
Isabelle Mercy

Isabel Mercy and Isabel Glory are absolutely perfect! :heart: I don’t think you need to search for more ideas.

Isabel/Isabelle is a lovely name, and this is such a great list. I think my favorite is Glory: Isabel Glory or Isabelle Glory. Just totally unexpected and gorgeous! I’m having trouble choosing a spelling, but at least with that combo I think my slight favorite is Isabel. My second favorite from your list would be Isabel(le) Esther. I also really like @MG1257’s suggestion of Isabel(le) Ruth.

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Isabel Phoebe
Isabel Ruth
Isabel Salome
Isabel Sarah
Isabel Shiloh
Isabel Talitha

I’d personally prefer the French spelling, but ‘Isabel’ or ‘Isobel’ works, too.

Hi there.

Isabel is pretty. I prefer this spelling, as it just looks sleeker. I actually kind of like the Scottish spelling of Isobel best, but depending on where in the world you’re located, that may just cause misspelling headaches.

Anyway, onto middle names!

I adore the name Esther (and Esther seemed like a very cool lady), but Isabel Eden is just beautiful & unexpected. It flows nicer than some of the others, & just kind of makes Isabel seem more sophisticated & less frilly. If that’s what you’re going for, Isabel Eden is the winner!

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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I prefer the sleekness of Isabel, but Isabelle is also nice. I really like Isabel Mercy and Isabel Eden from your list.

My youngest is named Isabel Elena

My vote goes to the beautiful Isabel Mercy!

Isabel (that spelling) has jumped on and off my list this pregnancy. We’d probably use Mary to highlight the connection between her and Elizabeth at the Visitation. We also considered Isabel Jane as Jane is a feminine form of John and Elizabeth is the mother of John the Baptist.

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