Middle Name for Wolf?

We are set on [name]Wolf[/name], and our last name is Rojas. What do you think a good middle name would be? I was thinking something long (4-syllable and up) or something that ties in our Latin last name. I liked [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Maximiliano[/name] Rojas but my husband nixed it.

I like [name]Wolf[/name] a lot ([name]Wolf[/name] is my favorite animal) but I think it works better in the middle. However, if you really love it, [name]Wolf[/name] is a strong, overpowering sort of name (which isn’t always bad) and needs a fairly common middle name in my opinion.

[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Bartholomew[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Oliver[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Elliott[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Giovanni[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Xavier[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Jacobi[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Donovan[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Adrian[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Julian[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Constantine[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Sullivan[/name]

Besides those, you can use the nameberry super search feature here – https://nameberry.com/search/advanced – and just put in your criteria since there’s tons of 3-4 + syllable names. [name]Do[/name] you like any of those? :slight_smile:

I just graduated with a guy named [name]Miguel[/name] Rojas! Sorry, your last name, had to mention it.

[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Bartholomew[/name] Rojas … I’m in love with the name [name]Bartholomew[/name] <3 Love the name Wolf by the way! Very unique :slight_smile:

[name]Maximiliano[/name] is a mouthful


dantea, thank you - excellent points and great suggestions! You have a neat blog too :slight_smile:
[name]Nat[/name] 108 - thank you for incorporating multiple-syllables and the Latin flavor… very, very helpful!
[name]How[/name] exciting - both of you may have actually helped name the baby :slight_smile:

Now I am thinking multiple syllables and a W-beginning. What about [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Williamson[/name] Rojas?

I think [name]Williamson[/name] as a middle name is strange without a family connection.
Here are some more ideas-
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Emilio[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Patrick[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Alexio[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Emmanuel[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Nicholas[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Emmett[/name]

I think unless [name]Williamson[/name] is your maiden name or similar it sounds out of place. I like the three syllable aspect but there’s ways to do that with fewer letters?

[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Gabriel[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Zacarias[/name]/[name]Zacharias[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Zebulon[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Alexander[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Jedidiah[/name]
[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Hezekiah[/name]

i like [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Rafferty[/name]! Good luck…

lis09 and stripedsocks, very good point about [name]Williamson[/name] sounding odd with the lack of a family connection… I was thinking about the middle name tying in our Latin last name, and also having the middle name begin with the “W” sound… turns out I think I found something I like!

“[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Joaquin[/name] Rojas”

[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Joaquin[/name] has alliteration that ties together the first two names. [name]Joaquin[/name] and Rojas have a Latin connection.


[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Joaquin[/name] is just ok for me. I don’t think it flows all that well. I also like [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Rafferty[/name] a lot. What about [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Weston[/name] or [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Riley[/name]?

What about [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Maximo[/name]?

I really like [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Joaquin[/name], but I always love [name]Joaquin[/name].

[name]Wolf[/name] [name]Alejandro[/name] Rojas

[name]Rafferty[/name] definitely is not a favorite - to me, on it’s own, it has a goofy connotation like waffle or baffle or falafel. Wolf Alejandro is very nice too…

stripedsocks, thanks for liking [name]Wolf[/name] [name]Joaquin[/name]! Anybody else like it?

We ended up naming him [name]Esteban[/name] [name]Wolf[/name] and call him Wolfie…

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