Middle name + last name combo? Hopefully final draft!

Hi all! I’ve made another list, and I was wondering what everyone thought about it and if you had any ideas of your own. It doesn’t have to be similar to mine, as long as you like it.

For context, I am changing my middle name and last name. What this name represents for me is being someone who, despite circumstances, persevered to make something beautiful out of the rubble. :heartpulse:

Anyway, that was a side note for you to go wild and crazy! I’m looking for:

-a middle and last name
-something that sounds good
-bonus points if it has a positive meaning

You don’t have to think of both middle and last, it’s whatever combo you prefer.

Thank you all for reading and helping me out :smiley:

My name is Safiya, pronounced SAH-fee-yah. It was Safiyah originally but I’m thinking of dropping the H.

Some of the names you all came up with are in the (hopefully) final draft! Thank you everyone!


So, as pretty as it sounds, I’ve decided not to go with Iolani (ee-oh-LAH-nee). It feels a tad too long, but I’m not sure. Yolani has the ‘lani’ sound I like. This name is also so pretty and unique, and the way the combo rolls on your tongue feels smooth. I was hoping the double Y sound was okay? Safiya Yolani? What do you think?

I love how easy it is to say Safiya Bloom. It reminds me of flowers blooming, considering Safiya sounds like safflower, saffron, or daffodil (my favourite flower). This pairing is so simple yet cute and pretty (you’re gonna notice I don’t use much other vocabulary for describing names). Thank you for suggesting it, gia_bear09. :slight_smile:

I love the scent of jasmine flowers. It’s my favorite essential oil, and jasmine symbolizes love, beauty, and sensuality. Thanks lovelye. :slight_smile:

Ishara (ee-shah-rah)
Mesopotamian goddess associated with the scorpion; In Hindi, it means promise, rich (I’m a Scorpio and I’m pretty into astrology and how every part of it implies that there is a place for you, and you’re meant to be here)

This name is so cute! And I love flowers. That is all.

Well, I do love ginger. Also it’s super cute to have food as part of your name. My slight concern is, if this is used as my last name, is this appropriate for me, as I’m a Chinese Canadian? I was born in Canada but don’t know the root of this name as a surname.

My grandma’s name is Jin Hao Xie. I was considering putting one of her names in mine. She raised me, and as a baby, I thought she was my mom. I’d cry when my actual mom carried me, because I was more familiar with my grandma (my poor mom). I love her to death and she was the best role model I had. Your combo doesn’t have to include this, as it’s just an option.

Thanks again, in advance. :cupid:


Last name:

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[name_f]Safiya[/name_f] [name_f]Bloom[/name_f] and [name_f]Safiya[/name_f] [name_f]Yasmin[/name_f] are wonderful!!

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safiya bloom is everything!

safiya bloom jin, taking your grandma’s last name? how do you feel about going as safiya jin?
safiya ishara bloom, bloom as the last name. we’ve established safiya bloom is the epitome of gorgeousness, how do you feel about that as your everyday name?
coming up with chinese name for yourself, and use that as your middle. it could share a meaning or a character with your grandma’s. my knowledge of mandarin consists of about 5 whole words, so i can’t really offer names, but i offer you the idea.

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