I just came across the name Mietta and i think it looks really pretty… what do you think of it?
Also, how would you pronunce it? ( may-etta? me-etta? my-etta???)

… Whilst on the topic of pronunciations… does anyone know how to say Sakire? There was a girl a few years below me at school with this name but I never heard it said, only saw it on paper and I’ve always wondered how it would be pronounced.

Thanks :smiley:

Mietta…I like it. I’d say me-etta.

Sakire: No idea how to pronounce it, just sight reading it I’d say suh-keer-eh, kinda like [name]Shakira[/name], shah-keer-uh, but suh instead of shah and eh instead of uh (eh like Canadian eh). I’m probably totally wrong, sorry that wasn’t very helpful. xD

Mietta - I’d assume like Miette with an A. mee-etta.
Sakire - My guess is this is a Japanese name: sa (or is it saw?) keer-ay.

mee-tta. very nice name… my daughter is [name]Meta[/name] as Norway princess [name]Mette[/name] [name]Marit[/name]