mn for Augustus

I am not expecting but my bf and I have been talking names for almost 3 years now with our brainstorming consisting of a lot of suggestions and his yea or nay. We have similar tastes so it’s been fun. The problem lies with [name]Augustus[/name]; it is high on our list but for the life of me I can’t find a mn that I think flows with the last name [name]3 syllables ends in “son”[/name]. Perhaps someone has an idea? I usually see this name on lists in the mn slot which I think works beautifully but I want it up front if I can. Flow is moderately important to me and so is sound; I am not overly keen on repeating the “son”, “on”, “an” or “en” ending if it can be helped.

Here are some of our favourites to give you an idea of our tastes: *adore these names in other combinations


As you can see, the style varies and we don’t want to pigeon-hole ourselves to one particular style. This list just represents names on our list, not necessarily ones we’ll use.

What do you think? How[/name] many syllables sound the best? I am not adverse to 2 mn which I may end up doing anyway.

Muchas gracias