Moses is really growing on me.

and I just came up with the perfect name

[name]Moses[/name] [name]Lemuel[/name]!
too biblical though, i think…

thoughts of [name]Moses[/name]?
why [name]Moses[/name] and [name]Lemuel[/name] never reallly joined the rise?
how they most likely will…?


My good friend just named her baby boy [name]Moses[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]! It might surprise people but it’s a great name. It especially fits my friend’s personality and that of her family. I’d have to give your middle name choice some more thought but I don’t think finding a middle name for [name]Little[/name] [name]Moses[/name] will be difficult. Good luck, love the name!

I think it is a nice name…doubt it will ever become super trendy as well…

I like the name [name]Moses[/name] but it is heavily Biblical for me in a way that other Biblical names ([name]Benjamin[/name], [name]Joseph[/name], etc) aren’t. As a result I wouldn’t use it for my child (neither DH nor I is particularly religious). That might also explain why it hasn’t cracked the popularity charts, even though it’s a nice name.