Moving Abroad With A Newborn Baby

I’m really getting panicked now as babies due date is approaching in May and then with the move during the summer idk what I’m doing as a first time mother so I thought I’d present 2 questions here:

  1. First off I know the 2 hour rule about babies in car seats but I’m getting really scared I might harm the baby as our closest airport is one hour and a half away based on google maps but when we’ve taken the drive previously it was closer to 2 hours maybe even a bit over with the traffic and other stuff going on. Should I just take the train there because (baby can be in sling or puschair if allowed because car seats are not required to come with us on trains and might not be allowed and it would be too bulky to travel with one so we’ll give it to relatives that always travel there by car as thats common where we’re from).
  2. Should I take my expensive (Icandy Peach 7) puschair with me in a travel bag and risk it getting damaged in the check in (I know people recommend a cheap one for travel but since we’ll be living there I wanted to have a sturdy puschair to be able to use for baby and future kids and they barely provide options in the country we’re moving to - they only do strollers like the ones I’ve attached below but much less qualitative) or do I give it to relatives that travel by car as stated above.


Edit: The puschair and carseat haven’t even arrived yet do idk how big and bulky they will be to travel with

I cant help much with the stroller as I have never travelled with one. I would probably send with it with the car personally and use a baby carrier for travel.

However for the carseat I think you should be fine, even if you go over 2 hrs a bit. I cant imagine any harm will come to your baby as long as they are buckled in correctly and breathing ok they should be fine. We travelled cross country (literally from pacific to atlantic coasts) last year with our baby and toddler. Both were strapped in to car seats for probably 4/5ish hours and neither had any problems with spine development or breathing.


If your baby is very new and travelling in a car, there is the idea that being in that position in the car seat for 2 hrs COULD be harmful so…

A. Maybe arrange things so you can sit beside baby during the drive to keep a close eye.

B. Most young babies don’t last 2 hours in the car without needing to be changed or fed or cuddled. Maybe plan for a stop or two on the drive


I live in the middle of nowhere and often have to travel far to get basically anywhere. Plus we have family who lives states away that we travel by car to. I know about the 2 hour rule but there were definitely times I went over it with my baby just because I basically had to. I think it’s safer to have baby in the car seat a little longer, as long as they seem comfy and aren’t having any trouble breathing, than to pull over in an unsafe spot to get them out. So if it’ll be easiest for you to travel by plane then I say go that way.

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The baby will be just past two months old at that point by which where I’m based they seem to think it’s safer to take longer trips (2 hour rule) as opposed to 30 minute trips maximum for newborns (contradicting research some say that rule only applies for the first 4 weeks others say for the first 8 weeks) but obviously I’ve planned on stopping during the trip (have to plan the route to see where the stops/service stations will be) because babies need to be fed and changed, as for sitting near the baby I’ve always thought of wanting to sit near the baby even for shorter trips (parent worry must be kicking in) since I’m not usually the driver of the car and I don’t mind sitting in the back (younger child, already used to it)

There are lie-flat car seats which could also be worth investigating.
I would take the iCandy [name_f]Peach[/name_f] along.

[name_f]My[/name_f] US based experiences would say take the car with stops, or the train if you feel more comfortable with that and don’t even buy a stroller until you need one. [name_f]My[/name_f] main consideration would be what’s easier for feeding and soothing baby and just less stress in general. Are you breastfeeding? Where will you feel more comfortable? Its very stressful to have baby in a carseat crying and not able to pick them up, but most of the time they just sleep.

Any stroller that can accommodate a newborn will be bulky. But are you saying there’s no way to get a nice stroller after you’ve traveled? In that case I guess just deal with taking the stroller.