my check list

this is my list of things i already have for baby bump i didnt want to but to much because i know i will get things at my shower i was just wondering if there is any major things i am missing…

sleepe suit-25

sleeping bag-1

body suits-30






breast pump-2


pushchair/ travel system-1

fitted sheet-6

cel blanket-2

fleece blanket-

bath- 1


towel- 4


pram suit-2


That list sounds great, the only things I’d add would be nipple shields and cream, cotton wool (for the first week or two baby’s skin may be too sensitive for wipes) and nappy/diaper cream. You sound really organised!

I would add a Bumbo seat and some sort of carrier like an Ergo or [name]Baby[/name] [name]Bjorn[/name].

A carrier for sure- maybe a sling style and a pack style and I would suggest a boppy pillow. They’re great for breastfeeding or even just holding a tiny newborn and as they get older you can prop them up in it. I use mine everyday. I would say add wipes/diapers/ointments/washes/powders/lotions/formula(if using)/bottle brushes/changing pad one for home & one travel pack one or disposable ones. These aren’t the glamorous items, but much needed! Maybe a humidifier?