My Grandmother's Name

[name]Hi[/name] everyone, I’ve been browsing this site lately and absolutely love it! I need opinions on a name that I would like to use…my grandmother’s name, Phala (pronounced fay-lah). I was close to my grandmother, and would like to honor her by giving her name to my daughter, but it seems so uncommon although I do think it’s very pretty and has grown on me in the past year. I’ve never met another Phala and I am unsure where the name comes from. So what do you guys think? Like it? And what names could I put with it? I would most likely use it as a middle name. Thanks for your help!

My wife and I think that is a beautiful, unique family name to pass on to your daughter.

I’ve never heard of that name before, but I think it would make a beautiful and special MN given its connection to your grandmother.

I like it i have never heard of it before and it isnt on nameberry site which is good, means its uber unusual which is always a good thing. I love the name [name]Phaedra[/name] so Phala is v similar and would definitely use it as a mn esp with the meaning that is has for you.

The closest name I can find in my books is a Thai name, Phailin, meaning “Like a sapphire”. I think it is pretty and would make a special mn!

I actually met someone with this name once, seeral years ago. I think (though I may be remembering wrong), that she spelled it Phaela. I think it’s a striking and beautiful choice.