my husband is the IV and wants a V...

his uncle is the III, but had girls, so his dad named his second son, my husband, with a VERY outdated name as the IV. seriously. is that in the rules? is he legitimately a IV? and if he is, does a V seem more appropriate to kings and popes to anyone else but me?

I see what you mean about the V being a little too far. [name]How[/name] about the same initials or the same middle name, or putting his first name in the middle?

This sounds confusing! It sounds as if you would prefer not to have him named the “V” and are looking for a logical way out of it (finding out what the true rule is)?

The only remotely helpful info I could find was on this page:

Miss Manners also has some opinions. One of them involves when the person with the Senior name dies, do they rest get promoted? [name]Even[/name] more confusing!

What I gathered was that a child can be named after a relative, not necessarily his father, and still be given a generational suffix.

As to your question about IV and V being better suited for royalty and such, I’d have to agree. The Wikipedia article said, “In practice, it is quite uncommon for families to go beyond III when naming children,” but it listed some exceptions. [name]George[/name] Forman named his 5 sons after himself? Really? So there’s a [name]VI[/name] out there…a bit ridiculous in my opinion.

If you truly don’t want this name for your child, I hope your husband is willing to discuss alternatives with you. I personally believe every child deserves his or her own unique name, though if [name]BOTH[/name] parents feel strongly about honoring a relative or like the idea of a “junior,” then by all means, they should do it.

If they have the exact same name and are in the same family then yes. I think he realy is the IV. I have a fourth myself, our second oldest. I don’t see anything wrong with V, not many people will know anyway. But you could always comprimise and use his first name as a middle name?

Personally, I think I would think it was neat…if I liked the name. But if you don’t like the name, I don’t think you should feel obligated. [name]Do[/name] you like either or first or the middle name thats being passed down? You could use one or the other (which would carry on the name without making him a V). Or you could switch the order of the two names if you just really dont want him to be a V.

One of my friends married a [name]John[/name] K— III and he and his family were adamant that she had to have a son (they have a farm and will only pass it to male heirs) and he HAD to have the same name and be a IV. I suppose she knew this when she married him, but I always felt a bit sorry for her (although luckily [name]John[/name] is a name she liked if not the middle one as much). But she was under so much pressure to produce a male heir, so she decided to at least wait until the baby was born to find out the gender so she had some kind of surprise at least. It turned out to be a boy (phew) and he got the IV, but they call him [name]Jay[/name], which she really likes, so it worked out fine. If you can find a nickname you really like, it’ll distinguish him from his older relatives but satisfy them as well.

I have no idea but with the millions of great names out there I would hate to be restricted to that degree. Pick another name your child will thank you.