Name flow

Hello… second time posting. We are thinking about ttc in a couple months. My husband is hispanic with a first name of [name]Ventura[/name] which means “good fortune”;he is a [name]Junior[/name]. My father-in- law was named [name]Ventura[/name] because his parents had wanted another child yet had difficulty conceiving, so his birth was indeed a good fortune. Hub has now said that if we were to have a son he would want his first name to be [name]Ventura[/name]. I have agreed but would like him to have a middle name so he wouldn’t be the third. We would like to hopefully have more than 1 child and I am stuck on what other names for boys and girls would flow with [name]Ventura[/name].

Any suggestions for a MN for [name]Ventura[/name] and sib names would be greatly appreciated. I liked the MN [name]Josiah[/name] but don’t know if it really flows. Thanks!

I think [name]Ventura[/name] [name]Josiah[/name] flows reasonably well, so long as your surname isn’t three syllables, too.

I can see a little [name]Ventura[/name] with a sister named [name]Paloma[/name], [name]Cecilia[/name] or [name]Mariposa[/name] :slight_smile:

Another boys’ name is harder, as with its A ending, [name]Ventura[/name] could be mistaken for a sister on paper. [name]How[/name] about [name]Luca[/name], [name]Ezra[/name], [name]Joshua[/name] (perhaps a little ordinary in comparison), [name]Columba[/name], [name]Judah[/name], [name]Dakota[/name], [name]Indiana[/name] or [name]Sacha[/name].

Good luck!