Name for a Man Who Falls in love with a Werewolf!

I’m in the works of beginning another idea soon, but I am having, difficulty picking a name for the protagonist.

The main character is a human man, in the mid to late thirties. He is a very good-looking guy, over six feet tall and lean, with brown hair and light green eyes. He was born and raised in [name]Wyoming[/name] and moved to [name]Indiana[/name] to attend school. He has since stayed there and is a professor of mythology at Notre Dame. He is levelheaded, reliable, and and resourceful, but has a tendency to be inflexible and even cold when he is really angry at someone. He is the perfect match for a spontaneous and beautiful female werewolf.

I can’t decide on a first name. I want a traditional or literary name, but not something most people would know.

Last name is [name]Madden[/name].

Any and all suggestions accepted! Thanks guys!

I’ll take a crack at it. Here’s a big mix for inspiration (taken from literary name list, saint lists, etc).

[name]Fergus[/name] ([name]Gus[/name])
[name]Leopold[/name] ([name]Leo[/name])
[name]Philemon[/name] (who goes by [name]Phil[/name])


My first thought was [name]Lysander[/name], although that might be a bit out there. Also love pps’ suggestions of [name]Edmund[/name] and [name]Sebastian[/name].


If you want to go cheesy you could name him [name]Conor[/name] which means “wolf lover”. Too obvious?

[name]Mortimer[/name], [name]Eugene[/name], [name]Emerson[/name], [name]Maurice[/name], [name]Randolph[/name], [name]Wilfred[/name] are all classic, literary names.

whats her name?

[name]Channing[/name]- young-wolf


I think this is a great suggestion! Plus most people don’t know the meaning so it won’t be too obvious I think (apart from us name nerds ;))

I’m thinking her name might be [name]Penelope[/name] [name]Morgan[/name].

I’m thinking her name might be [name]Penelope[/name] [name]Morgan[/name].

[name]Rush[/name] and [name]Webb[/name] both have the same meaning as [name]Penelope[/name] – “weaver”
And I like the “lope” in [name]Penelope[/name], lol.

[name]Zander[/name]/[name]Xander[/name] as a nod to [name]Lysander[/name]–Lycanthrope
[name]Gil[/name] as a nod to [name]Virgil[/name] who wrote about werewolves

I think a few interesting names for him could be:
[name]Bram[/name] (nod to [name]Bram[/name] Stoker, horror writer)

[name]Hunter[/name] or [name]Archer[/name]? Too ironic?