Name for Horse

I’m writing a book about a girl named [name]Rose[/name] Zales. She sees a movie called [name]Dakota[/name] Boots where [name]Dakota[/name], the main character, has a chestnut brown horse. I’ve never owned a horse, so I don’t know of any good names. Could you guys think of some? Thanks a bunch! -Ninas1:D

[name]How[/name] about something obvious, like Chestnut? Or [name]Hazel[/name], so it’s somewhat related but not as obvious. [name]Just[/name] think of pet names, like what would you name a dog of that color? I’m not a big horse person either, but those are my suggestions.

You could probably look at a few threads in the ‘pet names’ section in the forum, I’d assume it’s just like naming any other pet.

A few suggestions that sort of work with chestnut (by their meanings) and horse


My friend has a horse named [name]Lyric[/name]… [name]One[/name] has one named [name]Dancer[/name]…

Open the dictionary to a random page and pick the first two-syllable word you find.

[name]Tawny[/name] is a great horse name in my opinion. :slight_smile:

i feel you, friend - i hate horses, but somehow find myself writing them into pretty much every story? hmm. i really like word names for horses, like these:


i like the suggestions of playing with the color of the horse, but what i’d do is name the horse a spin on dakota! dakota means friend or friendship, right? so what about bellamy, winifred (is winnie too on the nose for a horse?), amity, auden, livingston, irving, theophilius, jebidiah, winthrop?

hope that helps!

My cousin had a horse named [name]Beulah[/name] , I always thought that was a great name for a horse =)

or play on the qualities of a horse eg speed

for example

[name]Ryker[/name] (M)
[name]Salma[/name] (F)

both mean fast .

My cousin had a horse named [name]Beulah[/name] , I always thought that was a great name for a horse =)

Or maybe play on the qualities of a horse - fast , sturdy etc


[name]Ryker[/name] (M)
Salma (F)

both mean fast

[name]Sonnet[/name] is an awesome name!!

Some names of horses I have owned and other’s have owned that might work for you are:


… just to name a few :slight_smile: hope this helps and good luck!

I still think [name]Sonnet[/name] is a really good name for a horse. :slight_smile:

My horse is called [name]Indra[/name] after the God of weather and war in Hindu mythology. In mythology, [name]Indra[/name] wields a lightning thunderbolt, and my horse has a lightning thunderbolt shaped star (a white facial marking between or above the eyes on a horse).

I wanted to pick a name that fitted a characteristic about him and his lightning shaped star seemed the most obvious. (My mom wanted me to call him [name]Harry[/name], after [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name], but I was after something a bit different).

Perhaps you could give the horse some kind of marking, which you could use to inspire a name, I’d be happy to give you a quick guide to horse markings if you want.

NB: I call [name]Indra[/name] ‘[name]Indy[/name]’ for short.

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