Name Idea for Necromancer?

So in one of my new WIP, I have this character who has powers that basically make her a necromancer. However, she is also super sweet and girly.

Personality: She loves nature and flowers, she is super sweet and caring, rather shy, and she seems like the most innocent person ever. However she also can get really dark really fast if someone she cares about is threatened.

Appearance: She’s young, think late teens-early twenties, and rather short. She’s caucasian and has dirty blonde hair that’s long and somewhat wavy, which she tends to wear in different types of braids (french, dutch, fishtail, etc) with flowers intertwined. She also wears lots of pastel colors and floral prints, flowing dresses or shirts, and usually small kitten heels.

I want her name to have some sort of rather dark meaning (think death, evil, darkness, etc) but that also sounds eloquent and sweet.

Thanks for any ideas, and sorry for the long paragraphs!



[name_f]Amaranth[/name_f] - a flower symbolizing immortality
Or perhaps one of the poisonous flowers like Hemlock, [name_u]Hyacinth[/name_u], and [name_f]Belladonna[/name_f].
There’s also [name_f]Lilith[/name_f], [name_f]Pandora[/name_f], [name_u]Alvah[/name_u], Emmeranne, [name_f]Melantha[/name_f], [name_f]Persephone[/name_f], Morana, and [name_f]Loralie[/name_f], which all are feminine with dark/sad meanings or connotations.

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[name_f]Lorelei[/name_f] (alluring, temptress)
[name_f]Leila[/name_f] (“night”)
[name_f]Esmeray[/name_f] (“dark moon”)
[name_f]Melantha[/name_f] (“dark flower”)
[name_f]Persephone[/name_f] (part time goddess of the Underworld)
[name_f]Corvina[/name_f] (like a raven)
[name_f]Lilith[/name_f] (ghost/night monster)
[name_f]Amara[/name_f] (bitter)

I really like [name_f]Belladonna[/name_f]!

What about [name_f]Nimue[/name_f] or [name_f]Aella[/name_f]?

Griselda- dark battle
[name_u]Delaney[/name_u]- dark challenger
[name_u]Sierra[/name_u]- dark
[name_f]Adriana[/name_f]- dark
Crimsyn- dark red
[name_f]Rosaelia[/name_f]- ceremony of hanging flowers on tombstones

I think something like [name_u]Mallory[/name_u], or [name_f]Claudia[/name_f] would suit her.

I think [name_u]Calder[/name_u] would work well for her, it sounds innocent and sweet, but also with magical powers, since it sounds like “cauldron.” It means “rocky water,” which is darkish sounding and matches her personality.