name obsession getting uncontrollable

My name obsession is getting out of control!

At first I just liked names and just started looking around this site looking at them. But, now, I cant stop thinking about them.


Can someone please help me? Everyone thinks I’m weird!

I just need advice on how to not think about names so much that I go crazy.

And, what do you think of the name [name]Jarah[/name] for a girl?


It’ll be okay :wink: I am a young name-lover, too and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with loving names a lot and obsessing over them a little :wink: ! But if you do feel like your name obsession is out of control, like if names are the only thing you think about every second of the day, and you obsess over names and name combinations until you go crazy and get frustrated, then my suggestion is to find some other hobby/activity that interests you, and spend some time doing that, too. I mean, names are so awesome, it seems natural to us name lovers that they should take up some of our time. I personally really enjoy looking for new, exciting names, making pretty name combos, keeping a favorites list of names, and posting here on the nameberry message boards! I know you do, too…but balance is key! Find another hobby/activity that interests you, so you don’t have names on your mind 24/7 (hehe, even though us name lovers/berries do pretty much have names on our mind 24/7)! Good luck!

Oh, also-I think the name [name]Jarah[/name] is certainly an intriguing name. I’m not super fond of it, but it is unique and it does look interesting and pretty. [name]How[/name] do you pronounce it? Is it pronounced like it rhymes with [name]Sarah[/name] or is it pronounced like (the word) jar plus “uh?” I hope that makes sense to you…

I thought I read somewhere on these boards that you want to use this name in the future because you have a family member named it and you wanted to honor her? That fact alone makes me like the name more-I always like it when people name their children after someone special…

Best wishes,