Name with nns of Fia and Rin

I’m trying to come up with a name that contains the nicknames Fia/Phia and Ren/Rin/Ryn, but I’m drawing a blank. As far as the character goes, I don’t have much else besides wanting these nns, so be as wild as you want.

Beginning stages of a fantasy novel so outrageousness doesn’t necessarily matter. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stretch either, just trying to get some suggestions. Meaning, gender, and ethnicity don’t matter since I can change everything and style the character around the name.

I’ve found you can substitute some v’s for f’s, so please keep that in mind!

Some names I’ve found so far are:
Evren (Efren)


[name_f]Fiorenza[/name_f] or [name_m]Fiorenzo[/name_m]! maybe also Fiorella/o as a stretch?

Might be basic but I think just Phiaren(a) would make an interesting fantasy name. You could also do Ophiren, that came to mind. Renaphire reminds me of guenivere, too, which makes it more fantasy-vibe to me. Given how rarely these come up together in real names, and the fact that it is a fantasy, your best bet might be to mesh them into a totally new name.