Nameberry App?

Who else thinks that name berry should be made into an app?


Everyone’s been saying that for years! Not sure where they currently stand on doing that, though :thinking:

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Nameberry would be a cool app!

The sad thing would be that if I asked my mom to get it, she’d realize that it has a forum and that I’m on the forum.

Also, shouldn’t this be on All About Nameberry?

Ah, you’re right! I moved it

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I have thought about this before, too. Not sure, honestly… There are pros and cons. If nothing else, I definitely wish the Name Generator were an app!

Wait… but it is an app! (Right?) I have it on my phone… it’s the same as on the computer, but it’s just nice not to have to search for it. I can just tap on the app icon!

You can add it to your phone/tablet like an app:


It’s just a link to the website, but useful.


Sorry! I didn’t see that section! I’m new to this.

Thanks for telling me! I looked up how do it and now it’s an app on my phone. Yay!

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It’s all good :blush:

I did that earlier today!