nameberry makes me lol

In the home page Hot Names - Names Being Viewed Right Now, “[name]Swanhild[/name]” caught my eye. Is someone actually considering this? [name]Swanhild[/name]???

I clicked to check out the name, and - I won’t give it away here - but the nb editors did a great job with this one…


Hahahahaha! Wow, that really did make me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle!

Actually, the nameberry search function seems not to be working at the moment. I just tried to get a list of Anglo-[name]Saxon[/name] names and I kept getting taken straight to the page for [name]Swanhild[/name]! I agree that the editors got the description right on this one. Anyway, for some reason the site seems to be pushing this name today.

I also tried to find names of Irish origin and kept getting taken to a list of Czech names. Very strange.

The only thing that would be “better” is [name]Swanhilda[/name]

[name]Swanhilda[/name] - a great name for a pet goat.

[name]Swanhilda[/name] - a great name for a pet goat.[/quote]

Hahaha! Now that made me lol. :slight_smile:

Hahahaha! You berries are too funny!