Nameless baby due in 2 weeks - help!

Big sister [name]Amalie[/name] [name]Quinn[/name] is expecting a baby sis any day now, but she hasn’t a name! We would like a good feminine/masculine mix like our older daughter has. We like the following, but are open to any suggestions;

Any ideas?

Of the names you have listed I like [name]Leighton[/name] (pronounced lay-ton?) … definitely has some masculine feel to it, [name]Cora[/name] and [name]Camille[/name] are cute too… [name]Camille[/name] is a bit matchy with your other daughter, but I like it.

With such an elegant feminine name like [name]Amalie[/name], I would not go with a surname like [name]Leighton[/name] or [name]Keegan[/name] for her sister. In a sibset of [name]Amalie[/name] and [name]Keegan[/name], I would expect [name]Keegan[/name] to for sure be the boy. Plus, you don’t want her someday wondering why her sister got a nice girl’s name when she’s stuck with a boy’s name. From your list, I really like [name]Camille[/name], [name]Cora[/name], [name]Isla[/name], and [name]Esme[/name], but I think [name]Camille[/name] or [name]Cora[/name] go best with [name]Amalie[/name]. What about:


Of your current choices, I like [name]Cora[/name] [name]Leighton[/name] or [name]Isla[/name] [name]Keegan[/name]. Good luck!

[name]Cora[/name] [name]Leighton[/name] (if it’s prn [name]Lay[/name]-ton) sounds like someone from the deep south saying correlating :slight_smile:

I like [name]Isla[/name] [name]Keegan[/name] as well!

You have a lot of nice names on your list. I’d go with a feminine first name with a more masculine middle.

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Leighton[/name]
[name]Esme[/name] [name]Leighton[/name]
[name]Cora[/name] [name]Keegan[/name]
[name]Camille[/name] [name]Keegan[/name]
[name]Maisie[/name] [name]Leighton[/name] - I normally like [name]Maisie[/name] as a nn, but with [name]Amalie[/name] I think it works.

First names you might like:



[name]Hope[/name] that helps!

I think [name]Isla[/name] is beautiful!

I love the suggestion of [name]Cora[/name] [name]Leighton[/name] - gorgeous name!!

I think [name]Leighton[/name] would be a great first name also and goes with her big sister’s name very well. I like [name]Isla[/name] also. I think of [name]Keegan[/name] as a boy’s name…that would be my least favorite name.

[name]Isla[/name] [name]Keegan[/name] or [name]Esme[/name] [name]Teagan[/name] (Another option instead of [name]Keegan[/name]) would both be nice with [name]Amalie[/name] [name]Quinn[/name].

I would choose [name]Camille[/name] or [name]Isla[/name] [name]Camryn[/name].

[name]Amelie[/name] is so pretty, elegant and sweet that I think her sisters name needs similar qualities:

[name]Leighton[/name] - I like this name but it’s very hard and unisex. It doesn’t go well with [name]Amelie[/name] to me.
[name]Camille[/name] - This would be stunning with [name]Amelie[/name]! I love this name so much :slight_smile: It’s light, pretty and they have similar sounds without “sounding alike” if that makes sense.
[name]Cora[/name] - This could make a very cute option too. It doesn’t match quite as perfectly as [name]Camille[/name] does, but then again that could be a good think as it would give both girls very distinct identities, without being so different that they sound like they were named by two different people!
[name]Maisie[/name] - this name just isn’t substantial enough for an adult to me. [name]Even[/name] though I know an adult [name]Maisie[/name], I just don’t think it works. Maybe [name]Marguerite[/name] with the nn [name]Maisie[/name]?
[name]Isla[/name] - I’m not the biggest fan of [name]Isla[/name] anyway but the names also sound too similar to me if I’m honest. Not my fav.
[name]Esme[/name] - This could be a nice combo, if you don’t mind the fact that your daughters names will rhyme. Actually, I think [name]Esme[/name] and [name]Amelie[/name] are probably too similar too.
[name]Keegan[/name] - this sounds totally wrong. Modern, trendy, unisex, surname, harsh. It just doesn’t go with [name]Amelie[/name] at all. If I was a [name]Keegan[/name] and my sister was an [name]Amelie[/name] I’d wonder why I got the bad name sorry!

So my fav combos would be:

[name]Amelie[/name] and [name]Camille[/name]
[name]Amelie[/name] and [name]Cora[/name]
[name]Amelie[/name] and [name]Marguerite[/name] nn [name]Maisie[/name]

[name]Leighton[/name] might work as a good middle name with [name]Cora[/name] or [name]Marguerite[/name] too in a similar style to [name]Quinn[/name]. Not to much with [name]Camille[/name] though because of the repeating “l’s”. Maybe [name]Camille[/name] [name]Avery[/name]?

[name]How[/name] about:

[name]Gabrielle[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Gabrielle[/name] [name]Fe[/name], [name]Gabrielle[/name], [name]Gabrielle[/name] [name]Sky[/name], [name]Gabrielle[/name] [name]Wynn[/name]
[name]Nicolette[/name] [name]Finn[/name], [name]Nicolette[/name] [name]Sky[/name], [name]Nicolette[/name] [name]Blue[/name]
[name]Lucienne[/name] [name]Grey[/name], [name]Lucienne[/name] [name]Blue[/name], [name]Lucienne[/name] [name]Mab[/name], [name]Lucienne[/name] [name]Jay[/name]
[name]Lucille[/name] [name]Wren[/name], [name]Lucille[/name] [name]Baize[/name], [name]Lucille[/name] [name]Bryn[/name], [name]Lucille[/name] [name]Wynn[/name]
[name]Fabienne[/name] [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Fabienne[/name] [name]Reese[/name], [name]Fabienne[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Fabienne[/name] [name]Sky[/name]
[name]Eloise[/name] [name]Mab[/name], [name]Eloise[/name] [name]Blue[/name], [name]Eloise[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Eloise[/name] [name]Grey[/name], [name]Eloise[/name] [name]Finn[/name]
[name]Isaline[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Isaline[/name] [name]Maeve[/name], [name]Isaline[/name] [name]Mab[/name], [name]Isaline[/name] [name]Blue[/name]
[name]Manon[/name] [name]Elle[/name], [name]Manon[/name] [name]Eve[/name], [name]Manon[/name] [name]Blue[/name], [name]Manon[/name] [name]Bay[/name], [name]Manon[/name] [name]Sky[/name]
[name]Aveline[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Aveline[/name] [name]Sky[/name], [name]Aveline[/name] [name]Jay[/name], [name]Aveline[/name] [name]Kay[/name]
[name]Viola[/name] [name]Jay[/name], [name]Viola[/name] [name]Sky[/name], [name]Viola[/name] [name]Reese[/name], [name]Viola[/name] [name]Finn[/name], [name]Viola[/name] [name]Fe[/name], [name]Viola[/name] [name]Wynn[/name]
[name]Celeste[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Celeste[/name] [name]Blue[/name], [name]Celeste[/name] [name]Bryn[/name]
[name]Celine[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Celine[/name] [name]Jay[/name], [name]Celine[/name] [name]Fe[/name], [name]Celine[/name] [name]Lou[/name]
[name]Evaine[/name] [name]Grey[/name], [name]Evaine[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Evaine[/name] [name]Kay[/name], [name]Evaine[/name] [name]Reese[/name]
[name]Vivian[/name] [name]Grey[/name], [name]Vivian[/name] [name]Day[/name], [name]Vivian[/name] [name]Lou[/name]