Namenerd Stories

I feel like the Nameberry memes thread is sometimes used for this, but I’d love to hear your funny stories having to do with names or being a namenerd. Things that wouldn’t normally happen to non-namenerds.

I’ll start!
I realised the other day that I didn’t know two of my cousins’ names, which is crazy because I only have three cousins, so I ran to my mom. (a girl’s got to know these things! :laughing:) One of their middle names is [name_f]Dawn[/name_f], I had a brother try to guess the middle name (apparently none of us knew) he had the letter d & a. “Dandelion,” was his best guess. After that I went on a long rabbit trail of thinking of fun middle names. I love that middle names are like a secret name you get to share or keep to yourself. They’re like a special treasure.

I know my story wasn’t very funny, but please share yours and continue to share if you experience anything else in the future! :sunflower:


It doesn’t have a lot to do with being a nerd but I recently remembered this name anecdote:

When I was a child I had ongoing trouble with a classmate named [name_f]Anna[/name_f]. I also had a “magical bracelets” book with friendship bracelet patterns that included special knots to bless or curse people, as well as a code to spell out names using beads. So obviously I made a Curse [name_f]Anna[/name_f] Bracelet – nobody will know, right? – and when I showed my mom she immediately went “oh, it says Anna?”
me: :flushed: :grimacing: :fearful:
mom: …or [name_m]Otto[/name_m]?
me: uuuh no the beads are just a random pattern I thought was pretty
Turns out she had no idea what it said, it was just very obvious that it was a palindrome.

Moral of the story: name your kid a palindrome to catch peers trying to curse them


I love that :joy:

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