Names For Second and Third Dog?

[name_m]Hi[/name_m] everyone.

Basically, my family is looking to care for 1 or 2 additional dogs in the future. The problem is, it’s my turn to name our next dogs, and I’ve gotten used to naming reptiles. Which is easier since you don’t have to say their name all the time or get them to respond to it. You can literally name reptiles anything. I can’t name these dogs something like “Concrete,” “Absinthe,” or “Fax Machine.”

So, I need help finding either 1 or 2 names that go well with our current dog’s name.

Our current dog’s name is [name_u]Maverick[/name_u].

Dog 2 will (most likely) be female, and Dog 3 is a free space. I don’t think dogs care what their names are, so male, female, and unisex names are welcome (although it might be hard to convince the folks to call our female dog [name_m]Harold[/name_m] or our male dog [name_f]Daisy[/name_f], but we’ll see).

Now I would love to know the names of all of your reptiles - these are perfect. :smile:

Dog name ideas (trying to bridge the gap between [name_u]Maverick[/name_u] and Fax Machine/Concrete/Absinthe):