Names from Brazil

I haven’t seen this before, being a Brazilian myself, I thought it would be fun to give you a taste of the most popular names in [name]Brazil[/name]. These lists are 100% accurate because not all the births were taken in consideration, but it’s pretty accurate.
Also, in [name]Brazil[/name] we don’t have middle names, but we do have two names name, like [name]Jo[/name]”o [name]Pedro[/name] or [name]Ana[/name] [name]Maria[/name]. So [name]Jo[/name]”o, [name]Carlos[/name], [name]Lu[/name]”s, [name]Maria[/name] and [name]Ana[/name] are very common, but they can come solo or with a second name. Some common names are [name]Jo[/name]”o [name]Pedro[/name], [name]Maria[/name] [name]Clara[/name], [name]Ana[/name] [name]Lu[/name]”sa, [name]Lu[/name]”s [name]Eduardo[/name], [name]Carlos[/name] [name]Eduardo[/name].

[name]Jan[/name] 87 - Dec 88 (years I was born and registered)
1 [name]MARIA[/name] (G)
2 [name]ANA[/name] (G)
3 [name]JOS[/name]” (B)
4 [name]RAFAEL[/name] (B)
5 [name]DIEGO[/name] (B)
[name]PAULO[/name] (B)
7 [name]LUIZ[/name] (B)
8 [name]BRUNO[/name] (B)
9 [name]CARLOS[/name] (B)
11 [name]RODRIGO[/name] (B)
12 [name]JO[/name]”O (B)
13 [name]BRUNA[/name] (G)
[name]JULIANA[/name] (G)
15 [name]CAMILA[/name] (G)
[name]TIAGO[/name] (B)
17 [name]ANDERSON[/name] (B)
18 [name]ALINE[/name] (G)
[name]FELIPE[/name] (B)
20 [name]FERNANDA[/name] (G)
21 ANDR” (B)
22 [name]LU[/name]”S (B)
PATR”[name]CIA[/name] (G)
24 [name]LEANDRO[/name] (B)
25 [name]VANESSA[/name] (G)
26 ANT”NIO (B)
27 [name]MARCOS[/name] (B)
28 [name]LUCAS[/name] (B)
29 [name]PEDRO[/name] (B)
30 [name]PRISCILA[/name] (G)


  1. [name]Jo[/name]”o
  2. [name]Gabriel[/name]
  3. [name]Pedro[/name]
  4. [name]Lucas[/name]
  5. Matheus/[name]Mateus[/name]
  6. [name]Guilherme[/name]
  7. [name]Gustavo[/name]
  8. [name]Luiz[/name]/[name]Lu[/name]”s
  9. [name]Rafael[/name]
  10. [name]Felipe[/name]/Filipe


  1. [name]Maria[/name]
  2. [name]Ana[/name]
  3. [name]Julia[/name]
  4. [name]Vit[/name]”ria
  5. Let”cia
  6. [name]Beatriz[/name]
  7. [name]Giovanna[/name]
  8. [name]Yasmin[/name]
  9. [name]Larissa[/name]
  10. [name]Mariana[/name]

2009 (jan 1st- dec 3rd)
1 [name]MARIA[/name] (G)
2 [name]ANA[/name] (G)
3 [name]JO[/name]”O (B)
4 [name]GABRIEL[/name] (B)
5 [name]PEDRO[/name] (B)
6 [name]LUCAS[/name] (B)
8 [name]GUILHERME[/name] (B)
9 [name]JULIA[/name] (G)
[name]LUIZ[/name] (B)
11 [name]VICTOR[/name] (B)
12 [name]ARTHUR[/name] (B)
14 KAU” (B)
15 [name]DAVI[/name] (B)
16 [name]YASMIN[/name] (G)
17 [name]GUSTAVO[/name] (B)
18 [name]MIGUEL[/name] (B)
19 [name]SAMUEL[/name] (B)
[name]VITORIA[/name] (G)
21 [name]FELIPE[/name] (B)
[name]RAFAEL[/name] (B)
23 [name]CARLOS[/name] (B)
25 [name]JOS[/name]” (B)
[name]MARIANA[/name] (G)
27 LET”[name]CIA[/name] (G)
28 [name]NICOLAS[/name] (B)
29 [name]MARCOS[/name] (B)
30 [name]BEATRIZ[/name] (G)

My name is [name]Nara[/name], by the way.

Thanks for the list! [name]How[/name] is [name]Jo[/name]”o pronounced?

Great list, nice to see [name]Vitoria[/name], [name]Leticia[/name], and [name]Beatriz[/name] on there. [name]Gustavo[/name] is quite nice, though I wouldn’t use it.

I believe its HAH-OO, or something along the lines of that. Think of the “ao” in [name]Paola[/name].

ALSO: [name]Nara[/name], I love your name, its very nice. Forgot to add that, sorry.

You’re welcome.
It’s hard to explain how to say [name]Jo[/name]”o, because of the nasal sound we get from the ~, but it would be something like Zs + wuh + ow.
You can hear it here”o
The [name]JO[/name] is like [name]JEAN[/name] "in French but with an “O” sound instead of "ah, and the ”o should be something like ow in gown.
[name]Hope[/name] it helped. I love this name.

Actually our J is different from any other. Spanish, English, [name]German[/name].
And thanks! My mom is a good baby namer.

[name]Rafael[/name] seems to be a perennial favourite! My son is names [name]Raphael[/name], and I’ve never met another one here in [name]England[/name].

[name]How[/name] come [name]Henrique[/name] is not on the list? It’s growing on popularity, and can be used solo or as a second name (like [name]Luiz[/name] [name]Henrique[/name] or [name]Gabriel[/name] [name]Henrique[/name]).

Good question. Maybe it’s because the list shows the Top 30 girls and boys combines. And [name]Henrique[/name] is not near close to pass the [name]Jo[/name]”os,Gabrieis, [name]Lucas[/name] and Pedros.

I only know one [name]Henrique[/name] and a [name]Pedro[/name] [name]Henrique[/name]. [name]Henrique[/name] is one of my surnames, btw.

Are you Brazilian?