Names I'm debating over because of popularity or lack of.

They’re either very popular, or very uncommon. I’d like to hear some opinions.

Very Popular:
? [name]Ruby[/name]
? [name]Lucy[/name]
? [name]Grace[/name]
? [name]Sophie[/name]
? [name]Mia[/name]
? [name]Charlotte[/name]
? [name]Phoebe[/name]
? [name]Abigail[/name]
? [name]Imogen[/name]

? [name]Daniel[/name]
? [name]Oliver[/name]
? [name]Thomas[/name]
? [name]William[/name]
? [name]George[/name]
? [name]Harry[/name]

Very Uncommon:
? Nasrin
? Angharad
? Agnetha
? [name]Deryn[/name]
? [name]Charmian[/name]

? [name]Dara[/name]
? [name]Ferdinand[/name] [the association with Archduke [name]Franz[/name] [name]Ferdinand[/name] also bothers me]

Your thoughts?

Thank you ever so much :smiley:

Very Popular:
? [name]Ruby[/name]- popular among hippsters
? [name]Lucy[/name]- yes very popular
? [name]Grace[/name]- yes its popular but not in the way sophie is. [name]Grace[/name] is a classic
? [name]Sophie[/name]- so so so so so popular it bothers me
? [name]Mia[/name]- yes popular
? [name]Charlotte[/name]- I know at least 5
? [name]Phoebe[/name]- this is not that popular in my area
? [name]Abigail[/name]- every jewish girl i meet is named [name]Abigail[/name]
? [name]Imogen[/name]- This name is not popular in usa

? [name]Daniel[/name]- not to pop
? [name]Oliver[/name]- please dont do this one its so popular
? [name]Thomas[/name]- like george
? [name]William[/name]- nice but common
? [name]George[/name]- not very popular among babies
? [name]Harry[/name]- I dont understand [name]Harry[/name] but i do understand [name]Henry[/name]

Very Uncommon:
? Nasrin- strange but nice
? Angharad- yes out there
? Agnetha- seems made up like [name]Agness[/name] and [name]Theodora[/name] combined
? [name]Deryn[/name]- looks wrong
? [name]Charmian[/name]- isn’t this a brand of toilet paper
? [name]Dara[/name]- not to uncommon
? [name]Ferdinand[/name] [the association with Archduke [name]Franz[/name] [name]Ferdinand[/name] also bothers me] a very common name in latin america

Agnetha is not made up.

It is the Swedish form of [name]Agnes[/name] and is pronounced as ung-N”-ta.

I love Angharad! I live in [name]Wales[/name] so it’s fairly common here and doesn’t seem “out there” to me at all. I have a friend Angharad who goes by [name]Annie[/name] too :slight_smile: really cute.

The ones I like off your popular list for girls are [name]Sophie[/name], [name]Phoebe[/name] and [name]Imogen[/name] and I’d say if you love them enough, popularity won’t matter. I always try to find less common names, but [name]Phoebe[/name] is one name I would use no matter its popularity (unless it was maybe top 3!).

Off your uncommon list I obviously love Angharad, I also like [name]Charmian[/name] (I think the girl who played [name]Liesl[/name] in The Sound of [name]Music[/name] is [name]Charmian[/name]), and Agnetha - although I probably prefer [name]Agatha[/name] but they’re both nice.

I think if you had a [name]Sophie[/name] and an Agnetha it might seem strange, but you could get away with a [name]Charmian[/name] and and [name]Imogen[/name].

Of the boys popular names I pretty much like them all but I love [name]Daniel[/name], [name]William[/name] and [name]Harry[/name] and again, would consider them regardless of popularity. On he uncommon list I like [name]Ferdinand[/name] but have you considered [name]Fergus[/name], [name]Ferguson[/name] or [name]Frasier[/name]?

Is [name]Dara[/name] on your boys name? Because I find it to sound quite feminine. And [name]Deryn[/name], is that on your girls list? Because it’s Welsh for bird and is generally considered masculine, and sounds it to me. Maybe because it reminds me of [name]Darren[/name]?

Anyway hope that helped, you have some great choices! :slight_smile:

Yep, [name]Charmian[/name] Carr played [name]Liesl[/name]! That’s where I first heard the name.

When I heard [name]Dara[/name], I always think of [name]Dara[/name] O’Briain, so it’s masculine for me.

I thought [name]Deryn[/name] was masculine, because of the -yn ending [I’m part Welsh, so know a bit about that sort o’ stuff], and loved it but it’s listed on as feminine and I thought “Well, it’s nice enough for a girl, might as well have it on there!” I might add it on to my boys’ list instead.

Thanks for your reply! :smiley: