Names like Lexi

Ages ago I asked for help in coming up with suggestions for a friend - for some reason I am struggling a bit with this one but I thought you ladies may be able to help. I think they’d like quite a relatively unusual name, and they seem to mostly like quite modern-sounding names. The middle name now is a family name, two syllables ending with an -a, and that’s put an end to a LOT of my suggestions because all the first names ending in an a are out. At the moment their top contender is [name]Lexi[/name] (which I love, but it’s always nice to have some more choices). Some others that have appealed (although some can’t be used for various reasons):


I’ve gone through all the 2 syllable names ending in an ee sound with mum, so I think we’ve covered most of those. Noun names also don’t really work, as the surname is a common noun.

So, I’m throwing out the challenge! [name]Do[/name] any names that feel like [name]Lexi[/name] come to mind for any of you?

Well anything like [name]Alexandra[/name], [name]Alexandria[/name] or [name]Alexis[/name] can be shortened to [name]Lexi[/name].

[name]Allie[/name] (Short for [name]Alicia[/name]/[name]Allison[/name]/Alliane)
[name]Florrie[/name]/[name]Flossie[/name] (Short for [name]Florence[/name])
[name]Frankie[/name] ([name]Francesca[/name]/[name]Frances[/name]/[name]Francine[/name])

I aboslutly love the name [name]Lexi[/name]!!! It is my all time favorite girl name if you want it to be her middle name you could name her [name]Alexis[/name] [name]Alexa[/name] [name]Alexandra[/name] [name]Alexandria[/name] [name]Alex[/name]

The middle is two syllables and ends with an A? What’s the first letter? Hmm…

Did she like [name]Alexis[/name]?

Names she may like:

[name]Alexandrine[/name] (not modern, but it’s a [name]Lexi[/name] source)
[name]Bellamy[/name] (nn [name]Belle[/name] or [name]Ellie[/name])
[name]Connelly[/name] (nn [name]Nellie[/name])
[name]Delaney[/name] (nn [name]Laney[/name], which reminds me of [name]Lexi[/name])
[name]Emery[/name] (nn [name]Emme[/name])
[name]Ellery[/name] (nn ([name]Ellie[/name])
[name]Flannery[/name] (no obvious nickname, but I think that [name]Laney[/name] or [name]Annie[/name] could work)
Isaly (nn [name]Izzie[/name] or [name]Sally[/name])
[name]Romilly[/name] (nn [name]Romy[/name] or [name]Millie[/name])
[name]Willoughby[/name] (nn [name]Willa[/name], [name]Willow[/name], or [name]Bee[/name])

Best wishes to you and your friend! :slight_smile:

I think if they go for an [name]Alexandra[/name] variation it would be [name]Lexi[/name] and they’d use it as a full name rather than a nickname. I’ll pass on the other suggestions though - thanks ladies!