Names meaning Truth/ Justice or similar

I know that a lot of you are very clever with names and their meanings. I am searching for something meaning truth/ justice or perhaps strength/ determination because of something I have personally been through recently.
I like [name]Verity[/name] but it is not the one for me. I don’t like [name]Justine[/name] at all, which would be an obvious choice.
If any of you can think of alternatives, that would be wonderful!

[name]How[/name] about [name]Victoria[/name]? Signifies victory, strength.

[name]Giustina[/name] is a form of [name]Justine[/name] you may like. Here are some others though…

[name]Emmett[/name] (b)
[name]Vero[/name] (b)

[name]Joaquin[/name]/[name]Joachim[/name] (b)
[name]Nilo[/name] (b)
[name]Ramiro[/name] (b)

[name]Nye[/name] (b)
[name]Timon[/name] (b)
[name]Zebulon[/name] (b)
[name]Zubin[/name] (b)
[name]Titus[/name] (b)
[name]Naoko[/name] (b)
[name]Jati[/name] (b)

All “[name]Alex[/name]” names
[name]Aziel[/name] (b)
[name]Barrett[/name] (b)
[name]Gavriel[/name] (b)
[name]Gabriel[/name] (b)/[name]Gabriella[/name]
[name]Maoz[/name] (b)
[name]Valentino[/name]/[name]Valentin[/name] (b)
[name]Valentina[/name]/[name]Valora[/name]/[name]Valencia[/name]/All “[name]Val[/name]-” names
[name]Andreas[/name] (b)
[name]Conal[/name] (b)
[name]Abir[/name] (b)
[name]Etan[/name] (b)
[name]Kenzo[/name] (b)
[name]Malin[/name] (b)
[name]Quillon[/name]/[name]Quinlan[/name] (b)
[name]Takeo[/name] (b)

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I recently heard a little boy being called [name]Justice[/name]. Apparently it can also be a girl name. But I think there are better options that mean justice etc.

[name]Alethea[/name] - Greek “truth”
Sarala - “honest”
[name]Agatha[/name] - Greek “good, honorable”
[name]Annora[/name] - Latin “honor”

One interesting one I’ve loved since I was quite young: [name]Astraea[/name]. A Greek justice deity. And to think the entry in this site’s database only lists it as “a variant of [name]Astra[/name]”! I’ve never heard of a real person with it. I suppose maybe it’s over-the-top, but most people probably won’t even recognize it.

Blah! I always thought [name]Alice[/name] meant truth. I looked it up and it means noble. Now I’m mad! I must have thought [name]Alice[/name] meant truth all these years because of some incorrect name book I read years ago. I bet that I posted [name]Alice[/name] - truth at least 20 times on Nameberry. Sorry, everybody! I guess you’d better double check my name meanings from now on.

Well, how about [name]Irene[/name] - [name]Irene[/name] means peace. [name]Peace[/name] and [name]Justice[/name].
Maybe you would like [name]Honor[/name].
Maybe you would like [name]Sojourner[/name] as in [name]Sojourner[/name] [name]Truth[/name].
[name]Rosa[/name] [name]Parks[/name] is an amazing American hero that represents truth and justice. I love her boldness! Any [name]Rose[/name] name would honor her.

I love the name [name]Alethea[/name] posted above!!!

I also thought [name]Alice[/name] meant “truth”. I just tried to search for it on the web and a few places listed “truth” as the Greek meaning of [name]Alice[/name]. Another site said [name]Alice[/name] was a nn for [name]Adelaide[/name] which means “noble” like [name]Alice[/name] does here as well as on other sites. :confused:

[name]Noble[/name] is definitely a great meaning.

I also wanted to add -

Themis - another goddess of justice.

Thank you for all your suggestions! Some fantastic ideas there!