Names that go with Cosette and Ginevra?

I’m just thinking here- [name]Cosette[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name] are my two favorite names right now. I know a lot of people who really don’t like them… I was just wondering if any has thoughts on names that go along the same lines as these? I guess I like old fashion/French names… I’m also a bit of a fan of [name]Victoire[/name]… which is another name people don’t seem to fond of… Maybe it’s just the people I know? Maybe I just have bad tastes in names… Anyway, just wondering what you thought!

Random Thought! Another name I really love is [name]Lyra[/name]…

Another Random Thought… (I have a lot of these) I like the name [name]Posy[/name]… but I don’t know a full name it goes with aside from Jospehine. Can [name]Posy[/name] be a nickname for anything else?

I love [name]Victoire[/name] and [name]Cosette[/name] (I’m a fan of [name]Les[/name] Miserables, though)! I don’t dislike [name]Ginevra[/name], but I wouldn’t use it personally. I actually can’t pinpoint why. It makes me think of something (which stupidly I can’t figure out the association).

I always liked [name]Vianne[/name] after reading the book “Chocolat.”

I adore French names…but I’m fluent in French, so I don’t see any culture gap, I guess. I’ll get back to this with some other ideas :slight_smile:

[name]Fantine[/name] ([name]Les[/name] Miserables…means child)

Thanks for the response! I actually got the name [name]Cosette[/name] after watching [name]Les[/name] Miz when I was about 8… it just kind of stuck with me!
My sister doesn’t like [name]Ginevra[/name] because it reminds her of [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name], but I just think it sounds really pretty! I don’t know… I’m quirky, so maybe that’s just me…
[name]Vianne[/name]'s really pretty too! I know no French, but something about the names just appeals to me…

Well, whatever my thought about [name]Ginevra[/name] is NOT [name]Harry[/name] [name]Potter[/name] :stuck_out_tongue: I may be the only one to never have read any of that…[name]Ginevre[/name]…Maybe that’s the French version of that word…but I have NO idea…just trying my best to figure out what my deal is :stuck_out_tongue: Well, [name]Ginevre[/name] is NOT the French version :stuck_out_tongue: [name]Gen[/name]”ve is…[name]Ginevra[/name] is Italian, but I think it goes well with [name]Cosette[/name]!

Note I added some names to my last post :slight_smile:

French names are pretty…there is a flow that few other languages produce :slight_smile:

I would go for the exotic traditional / Euro-chic style, as that is what I would class [name]Cosette[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name] as. Names with a quirky style and a lot of history (particularly classical/medieval European) would fit nicely. Saints names are well worth a look for this type :slight_smile:


A few French names plus some Italian ones to fit with [name]Ginevra[/name] and some other randoms I thought fit :wink:

Okay, to liveaparis: I really like [name]Mirabelle[/name] and [name]Sol[/name]”ne, and I have to agree, French does have a flow that other lanuages don’t… I just can’t speak a word of it =]

To [name]Elea[/name]: You gave me A LOT of names! And a lot are really nice! I think my favorites are probably [name]Alessia[/name], [name]Julienne[/name] (I’ve never heard that before, but I really like it!), [name]Marguerite[/name], and [name]Rosalie[/name]! Italian names are awesome, too! (Since [name]Ginevra[/name] is an Italian name…)

Thanks for the input!

I love your taste - [name]Cosette[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name] are both absolutely beautiful! I like [name]Victoire[/name], too, although not as much as [name]Victoria[/name].

[name]Just[/name] a few I thought of :
[name]Ambrosia[/name] (nn [name]Rosie[/name], unless of course you would be calling [name]Cosette[/name], Cosy)
[name]Honora[/name]/[name]Honorine[/name] nn [name]Nora[/name]
[name]Apolline[/name] nn [name]Polly[/name]
[name]Dorothy[/name]/[name]Dorothea[/name] nn [name]Dotty[/name], [name]Thea[/name].

I love French names too - they’re so pretty! I’m not crazy about [name]Cosette[/name] (I think because it sounds like the noun cosset which is a pet lamb or the verb which means to coddle someone - bit cutesy for me) but I love [name]Ginevra[/name].

So many other pretty names on liveaparis and elea’s lists! My favourites are: [name]Capucine[/name] (one of my guilty pleasure names!), [name]Oceane[/name], [name]Liliane[/name], [name]Livia[/name] ([name]LOVE[/name]), [name]Louisa[/name], [name]Marguerite[/name].

Some others I love:

I’m really surprised by people here- they actually like my names (for the most part)!

Twinkle: I think that [name]Ambrosia[/name] ([name]Rosie[/name]) sounds lovely, and no… I wouldn’t use Cosy as a nickname. I think that [name]Cosette[/name] is pretty limited on nickname oppertunites- but if anyone has an idea, let me know! [name]Ginevra[/name] could either be [name]Ginny[/name] or [name]Eve[/name]… I like it both ways… I also really like the names as a whole, which I think is important, not just liking the nicknames, you know?

Lamps: I like how you spell [name]Juliette[/name] and [name]Noelle[/name], I think the longer endings add culture. [name]Livia[/name] IS nice, though I think it sounds like a nickname for something else- [name]Olivia[/name] maybe?

Thanks everybody!

[name]Ah[/name] yes, that’s the downfall. [name]Livia[/name] is actually an ancient [name]Roman[/name] name meaning “crown”. I prefer it to [name]Olivia[/name], but I worry about it being mistaken for a cut off version of that name instead of a name in its own right. But I do love it.

I’m so glad you like [name]Ambrosia[/name]! I absolutely adore it …

[name]How[/name] about [name]Ettie[/name] for [name]Cosette[/name]?

It would definitely be a possibility! Although, then it sounds like [name]Eddie[/name]… I’m picky =]
I think, overall, I just like [name]Cosette[/name] as a whole…
And yeah, [name]Ambrosia[/name] is a really pretty one! It also provides a lot of nickname oppertunites! I’m not against nicknames at all, as long as I think they compliment the name nicley… So, for [name]Ambrosia[/name], it could be [name]Rosie[/name] (Which I think is my favorite), [name]Amber[/name], [name]Rosia[/name], or a number of things! Thanks again for the imput =]

I feel the same lamps. I adore [name]Livia[/name] and it has so much history to it. I have [name]Livia[/name] [name]Carys[/name] as one of my top contenders, but I worry about [name]Olivia[/name] being so popular here
that it will always get mixed up. Saying that, my name gets mixed up with [name]Helena[/name] a lot and it’s never really bothered me…


I feel the same lamps. I adore [name]Livia[/name] and it has so much history to it. I have [name]Livia[/name] [name]Carys[/name] as one of my top contenders, but I worry about [name]Olivia[/name] being so popular here
that it will always get mixed up. Saying that, my name gets mixed up with [name]Helena[/name] a lot and it’s never really bothered me…[/quote]

If you like a name then use it! [name]Just[/name] as long as it isn’t torutus for the child (which [name]Livia[/name] isn’t. It’s pretty in it’s own right!)

I’m also a big fan of [name]Livia[/name] and since its probably a much,much older name than [name]Olivia[/name] you can always point this out to whatever busybody may degrade this great name.I’m considering [name]Livia[/name] [name]Jane[/name] for my daughter.

I don’t have any further suggestions, but as a nickname for [name]Cosette[/name], I always thought [name]Etta[/name] would be lovely… [name]Etta[/name] [name]James[/name] was a fantastic lady, and you avoid the ‘sounds like [name]Eddie[/name]’ problem… ^^ [name]Coco[/name] would also be cute :slight_smile:

Oh! [name]Coco[/name] would be cute! I approve =]

I love the name [name]Cosette[/name]. I think it is absolutely beautiful- and you could you use [name]Coco[/name] or Cici if you are really feeling like a nickname is a necessity but if my name was [name]Cosette[/name] I would just want to be called [name]Cosette[/name] because its gorgeous! One of the previous posters listed [name]Satine[/name] as a middle and i think that [name]Cosette[/name] [name]Satine[/name] is fantastic, [name]Cosette[/name] [name]Delphine[/name] is also really beautiful…

Out of those combos I think I like [name]Cosette[/name] [name]Satine[/name], but you’re right, they’re both really great! And, yeah, I also really like [name]Cosette[/name] as a name in whole, not with nicknames. I was just wondering if anyone could think of nicknames!

I love the name [name]Cosette[/name]. [name]Ginevra[/name] is lovely, too, but I love [name]Genevieve[/name] even more. [name]Coco[/name] is a great nn for [name]Cosette[/name].
Names that go with [name]Cosette[/name] and [name]Ginevra[/name]:
[name]Bernadette[/name] - definitely!
[name]Francine[/name] - I adore [name]Francine[/name]!
[name]Leonie[/name] - so pretty
[name]Ottilie[/name] - my fave on the list!
Pommeline - I think this is a name, but it’s not in Nameberry.
[name]Rosalie[/name] - love it!
[name]Simone[/name] - I love [name]Simone[/name]!
[name]Veronique[/name] - love it! But I prefer [name]Veronica[/name].