Names that start with accented letters

I was taking a look at some of your name lists, and I noticed that when a name begins with a letter that has an accent mark it doesn’t alphabetize them along with other names that start with the same letter. For example, I was looking at a list with the name ”tienne (a name that I’ve been liking lately) and it’s put between the “A” and “B” names rather than with the other “E” ones.

Also, when I enter an accented name to look up it doesn’t recognize it if the accent is omitted (which I did because I’m not sure how to enter accented characters; the reason I got ”tienne in with the accent on this post is because I copied and pasted it). Likewise if I go to search for names beginning with a certain letter it doesn’t include those which start with an accented version of the letter.

I was just curious about how the accented letters/names work on here.

I’m sorry, but this is an issue that has totally been bedeviling us!! We’re working on coming up with some good solution…

Although, on a technical note, accent marks on capital letters are optional. (At least, that’s how it works in French.)

Another site issue that I noticed lately is that names that have an accent mark of some kind IN them, when linked, arrive to a page that says “No names match your criteria. Try modifying your search on the right.” If you spell the name in the search form without the accent, it brings you to the right page for that name (without the accent).

I’ve been noticing that too… I don’t remember it happening before… or maybe I just wasn’t looking at names with accents.