Names with these vibes?

hello! i’m new to nameberry, so sorry if this post is a little weird/in the wrong place. i’m looking for names that have the same vibes as ethelie and viorica?

i know names can give different vibes to everyone so i’ve also got a moodboard attached - hopefully it helps :melting_face: in words, they give me the vibes of writing letters or reading books by a warm light with tea that went cold a while ago. it’s weird i don’t really know how that works haha, it’s just letters i guess, but they just give me such imagery. other specifications is that they’re kinda longer/have nickname options? shorter names don’t really feel the same for some reason.

sorry i don’t have any more examples, to be honest i’m posting because i couldn’t find any more even after scrolling nameberry for ages :melting_face: um also i don’t really mind the gender of name but i don’t know if i should then post this in name advice…? or general name discussion? but ethelie and viorica feel a bit more feminine to me, so i put it in this category - i hope that’s okay :sweat:

(um i also have a question but i’m not really sure where to ask. so i hope it’s ok to include here! why do people somewhat… censor…? names? like replacing a with @ and e with 3. i see it sometimes and i assume it’s to stop the name having a hyperlink but i don’t really know why that would be undesirable)

the moodboard - i compiled it pretty quickly sorry it's a bit messy

and also some quick doodles.. (ethelie top left, i forgot to write the names)

[name_u]Welcome[/name_u] to NB!

First, just to say that people often censor names for the sake of children’s identities (where the full name and last name used) or otherwise where the poster has tried to disguise the name for their own reasons (so those replying follow suit).

Second, I love your drawings! Here is my attempt at some girls’ names that are to me, also connoted by your mood board, but I’m not familiar with the two you’ve started with so I may not quite get there:


[name_u]Welcome[/name_u] to Nameberry, lascivette! I hope you will like it here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ethelie and [name_f]Viorica[/name_f] are both very unique, I hadn’t heard of either of them before.

Based on your moodboard, description and examples I thought of these names, though you may have seen them already:


[name_f]My[/name_f] mind waa blank for both names until I saw the moodboard. [name_f]My[/name_f] first thought when I saw it was [name_f]Hannelore[/name_f]. Hortense/Hortensia’s also a thought (I prefer Hortensia).

(the doodles are sweet. Ethelie is so cute).

@EloiseT I’ve seen people censor names of their children without the surname being involved. Then anyone who can’t see similarities between symbols/numbers and letters can’t read the name (I think most people see similarities with numbers and letters). I avoid mentioning the names of relatives altogether.

The censoring thing is usually done when talking about names, especially full names/last names or really unusual names, of real people in their life like their children or family members because it makes it so that the post and any other personal information that can be found on their account won’t come up if someone were to google the name.

Names that give me a similar vibe to Ethelie and [name_f]Viorica[/name_f]:

This is the right board if you want suggestions of other girls names that match. If you were looking for both boy and girl suggestions then I think [name_m]General[/name_m] Discussion might be the right spot. Here’s a few boy ideas too:

[name_u]Welcome[/name_u] to Nameberry!

I’m going to give you fem leaning names, but if you want more masc or unisex names inspired by Ethelie and [name_f]Viorica[/name_f], you can post a similar post to that in those forums too :slight_smile:

Great moodboard and drawings :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll like…


I like your doodles! Never heard of Ethelie and [name_f]Viorica[/name_f] before, but I’m liking them.


Great moodboard and drawing, I definitely have some ideas that could go well with this!

thank you for the welcomes and answers! i understand the censoring thing now :sweat:

i’m not sure how to reply to everyone so i hope tagging is ok (i think individually replying would make a big spam of my posts :melting_face:) sorry if i repeat myself a lot, but i really appreciate all the answers :persevere: !!

@EloiseT thank you very much for this list (and answer)!! i like lilivere, hesperia and clarissa :slightly_smiling_face: so pretty

@Demoiselle so far nameberry’s been very welcoming :hugs: lucretia’s really cool, thank you for all these names!!

@Unice9729 thank you!! :smiling_face: hortensia’s lovely, i’d never heard it before

@sammaegre ottilie and francine are so cute !! thank you for this list (and the boy names too :open_mouth:)

@Greyblue thank you for the pointer :open_mouth: also, i love these names !! in particular, alodia, cloelia, floralie and coppelia speak to me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@luneth thanks!! i was a bit shy about sharing the drawings :persevere: azelie is gorgeous :slightly_smiling_face:

@_Zizi woah, lots of names ! i like lanaria, saffron and solie :open_mouth: thank you so much!!