Naming a baby the same name as a cousin

We just had a baby girl and the name we like best also happens to be the name of one of my cousins. Is it weird to have the same name within a family? My daughter and cousin would be second cousins. We asked my cousin about it and she said she really liked the idea but I’m not sure if she was just being nice to me.

We see my cousin 2 or 3 times a year, so not all that often.
My cousin is also 28 years old so it’s not like they would being playing together.
Note: we would not really be naming our baby after my cousin - we just really like the name.

Any ideas?

I think it is totally fine to use your cousins name. It would be different if they were first cousins and/or close in age, but since they are not I don’t see a problem.

Im not familiar with the term second cousins? First cousins are like the kids of your brother and sister? And second kinds of your cousins? (like the son of the son from your aunt) Or am I wrong?

I am considering to put a name on my list too that I like but a cousin (i think its third cousin if my explanation above is right) has it. Shes five or so now but im not having babys anytime soon.

I think its OK to name her that if you really love it!

[b]I’m totally guessing right now but I think your second cousin is one of your parents first cousin?


The term “second cousin” refers to the children of your cousin. If your cousin has a child…you and that child would be second cousins.

I don’t see a problem with using her name!

Your daughter and your cousin are first cousins, once removed (as in, they are one generation apart). Not that it matters that much.

I don’t see a problem with using the same name. I wonder if your family will assume she’s named after your cousin?

[name]Handy[/name] cousn explanation if anyone cares.