Native American names?

I am trying to help a student who is writing a piece of historical fiction about a Native American girl, and she needs a name! I have not had much luck finding female names used by local tribes (we live in Oregon). Can anyone suggest female names that were/are used by [name]Pacific[/name] Northwest Native Americans?

[name]Edit[/name]: I realized I should probably list some of the tribes in our area (at the risk of exposing my great ignorance for how they are organized): Coquille, Coos, Siuslaw, Santiam, Yoncalla, Chepenafa. But others from [name]Washington[/name] or Oregon might also work for her project.

This site has general Native American names, but not by tribe. Some general ones inlcude [name]Winona[/name] and Tamis, but Google hasn’t helped me find any names from these specific tribes! I did find a site that allowed you to search for names by tribe, but you have to write them. Sorry!

Okay, well thanks for looking; I appreciate it!